Social Media Opportunities for Nonprofits

18 Jul

Social Media Opportunities for Nonprofits

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Everyone is on the Internet now,  lots  of  people  use  social  networks  to  communicate and they access the information from  mobile devices from everywhere around the world. Businesses went where their potential customers are, they created solutions and services meant to help them and offer them experiences – this is old news already. What about nonprofits? They also had to adapt their communication strategies to this new complex world. And where is the problem? – you might  be tempted to ask. Well, with the small budgets nonprofits usually have, it is quite a challenge to keep up with the social media success stories great businesses usually create.

Hence, let’s see some successful strategies for nonprofits that will allow to make the most of the least. Of course, we assume that you already created accounts on the main social media channels. And even if you are not yet using all of the existent networks for now, it doesn't mean you should not claim your own YouTube Channel, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so on. In fact, I recommend you to do this before they are already used by someone else.

Online Fundraising

Use third party applications to enable your supporters to fundraise online. Supporters setup their own personal giving page and then can use their personal social media network to ask their friends to donate. This is the most used method and generated great amounts of money for nonprofits. Here are some tips for your campaign to be extremely successful:

  • Create an engaging status

  • Use beautiful, high quality photos to promote your fundraising campaign

  • Send a message using social networks – it might help gaining support

  • Use Facebook life events for more awareness



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Nonprofits have the right stories to impress the audiences. And if they are said right, they will make great impact in the society. So it is recommended to use videos that transmit the passion and determination you have for your cause. It will surely make a great story and will definitely make a difference.

Thank your supporters publicly

This a method to remind your audiences that your nonprofit needs donations. These should be only simple updates, not necessarily requests for money. Just thanking your supporters online and mentioning your fundraising events should be enough to bring into people’s minds that your cause still needs their help.

Have a celebrity support your nonprofit

This is a great way to raise awareness and gain even more supporters. Posting pictures with celebrities who support you cause or even interviews with them will attract new people supporting your cause. The Ellis Island Foundation got the support of Bruce Springsteen and other celebrities, which brought them greater visibility in the online medium and new followers on the social networks.

These are some of the opportunities nonprofits can use social networks in their interest. What other strategies do you have in mind? Looking forward to hear your thoughts on this topic. Feel free to share opinions in the comments section below.

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