5 Techniques to Attract Traffic on Your Website

1 Jul

5 Techniques to Attract Traffic on Your Website

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“How do I get more visitors on my website? I need more traffic!” This is perhaps the most common question we get from our clients.

There are times in our lives when we want traffic and others when we do not want at all. If you’re driving on the road from point A to point B, less traffic is even advisable. But, if you have a blog or a website, without traffic you won’t survive.

There are many ways, both online and offline, to attract traffic to your site. Some methods are more effective than others, some have improved over the years and some have become outdated.

People want the traffic, but don’t want to do the work to get it. The good news here is that those people can go and outsource this task. Honestly, it does involve some work. Traffic is not simply falling off the sky directly to your website, that’s for sure.

Most times the website meets all technical and professional criteria. The company’s portfolio and services are complete and attractive. Yet, the website isn't getting any traffic; hence you're not generating any sales.

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Here are 5 of the most effective techniques to drive the right kind of visitors to your website:

  1. Social Media

Being such an important part of our global society, social media actually helps attract visitors to your website. With the ability to share content and write comments, social media can be a powerful marketing tool. The individual social media postings have the potential to circulate virally, resulting in a substantial increase in the number of website visitors.

To be successful with social media marketing you need to participate constantly; engage with your audience and permanently update your campaigns. Make sure that you complete the entire profile on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. We met many people and companies with empty profile pages. That will not help you boost your marketing efforts.

  1. Blogging

Write informative articles and use them as a guest blog posts. You can also put them on content directory websites or other similar sites like enzine articles or Articlebase. People give great importance to a well written article and will ultimately visit your website for more insightful information.

Don’t forget the subscription button! Since you’re trying to build an audience with which to build a long term relationship, ask them to subscribe in order to receive valuable information or other offers that may be of interest to on their email.

  1. Newsletters

Sending a newsletter is still a powerful tool to attract traffic and increase sales. Build an interactive newsletter and you will definitely be able to connect with your readers. Organize a section of tips and tricks, Answers and Questions or offer them a weekly contest. Add some fun and personality to your newsletter, but avoid anything inappropriate or offensive.

Moreover, through a newsletter, you can increase your audience by free word of mouth. Just include a "pass it on link" at the end of your newsletter, a simple paragraph like “If you liked this article, share it with a friend”. By asking your readers to take action, you’ll give your business an extra boost without any extra cost.

  1. Go mobile

More and more people tend to surf the internet on their mobile devices. So, keep up with this trend and make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Turn your marketing efforts towards mobile users, especially because their number is constantly increasing.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Think of Google, Bing or Yahoo as the Yellow Pages. If your company’s website is not in the right category, then the users won’t be able to find you. That’s why optimizing your website for these search engines should be a top priority. Nonetheless, make sure you get a good grasp of SEO techniques or hire a SEO specialist that will help you get the best results in positioning your website among the highest ranking websites.

None of these techniques offer you instant results, but with some time, effort and patience the right visitors won’t cease to appear.  Always keep an eye on new trends in marketing to ensure you make the most of the best tactics available to your business.

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