A Short Guide to Business Leads Through B2B Inbound Marketing

28 Sep

A Short Guide to Business Leads Through B2B Inbound Marketing

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According to a HubSpot study, only 17% of the marketers feel that outbound practices produce high quality leads for sales. Therefore, many marketers have chosen inbound marketing practices instead. B2B companies generate 67% more leads blogging per month than those that don’t. Search Engine Journal shows inbound business leads have a 60% less cost than outbound leads . A staggering 83% of online tech buyers purchased technology products, solutions and services via organic search. (MarketingSherpa)

Inbound B2B marketing practices refer to all organic, paid or non-paid marketing activities that generate leads for your product/service.

NNC Services' expert inbound consultant team benchmarked all ad-free and paid practices in the e-Book  “How to use inbound marketing to generate leads?”. This inbound B2B inbound lead generation tactics guide can help you generate organic business leads. Below you can find the main ones:

  • Content creation,  such as blogging, marketing collaterals, and video;
  • Content distribution, by using social media channels such as Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Slideshare, Facebook, or Instagram;
  • Other inbound lead generation tactics, such as landing page best practices

Here is the brief outline of the phases in inbound lead generation process:

  • Define your inbound marketing objectives
  • Create your inbound marketing strategy
  • Identify B2B  marketing personas
  • See where the buyer’s journey takes the marketing personas
  • Create relevant content, that is sharable with a viral, sticky, easy to spread messages
  • Spread it through the channels that your marketing personas use

Read more details about inbound marketing strategies, channels and tactics and how to convert business leads for your company by downloading the whole white paper here.

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