6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a CRM System

Customer Relationship Management System is a software used to collect and analyze data about your clients. Most of the CRMs are based on the form of sales funnel – from generating leads through creating opportunities to closing the sales orders.

As the importance of data grows, using a CRM system becomes a must for every, even the smallest, company. While the

NNC Services Delivers

For more than 10 years NNC Services has been delivering marketing solutions to business-to-business (B2B) clients looking for solid marketing solutions that can drive results. NNC Services delivers! We’ve become widely known for our work in web development, lead generation, list building, content marketing, SEO and social media.
Our work has not gone unnoticed. NNC Services is profiled on the Clutch.co

5 Things About Marketing Automation Software

Considering several studies, it became clear years ago that using a Marketing Automation Software has become increasingly necessary for business development. It generates sales-ready leads, increases nurturing and sales revenues, as well as improves customer engagement, marketing productivity, campaign targeting, provides valuable data and so on.

However, there is still a problem that businesses seem to struggle with: Only 32% of companies consider marketing

5 Marketing Tips for a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Got a project that you’re confident about and would like to bring to life? Kickstarter helps creators find the resources and support needed for it to become reality. Kickstarter projects must have a real goal and a great value. However, there is much more to stream for other than receive help from the organization.

A successful Kickstarter campaign requires more than

HubSpot Challenges – been there, done that!

Every business that is struggling to improve faces challenges. Behind every service or product, people are working hard to achieve and meet client’s or consumer’s expectations. Although the process might be similar, some teams are stuck with various internal challenges, while others are having troubles with finding that ideal technology to meet their needs. Whatever the case, there is always

4 Reasons Why You Should Try Retargeting

The retargeting trend started when online marketers realized that most of the conversions were not “on the spot” and the abandonment rates were highly influencing their business. Therefore, they needed a strategy that could help them increase conversions while visitors were navigating on other websites. And that’s how the concept of retargeting was born.

When doing retargeting, you need to insert

HubSpot Maintenance, Integration and Marketing Campaigns Creation As-A-Service

NNC Services Offers HubSpot Integration & Maintenance Support
Already integrated your marketing tools with Hubspot? As today’s inbound marketing is taking the place of the traditional way of disturbing marketing, we see HubSpot as the leading marketing automation software.

However, getting started with Hubspot and managing the tool could quickly become overwhelming. But we are here to help. As we’ve

Salesforce Integration, Maintenance And Support As-A-Service

Salesforce CRM Services: Integration, Maintenance and Support
Whether you need to manage your Salesforce CRM instance, need help to integrate it with other applications such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, Marketo, etcetera or just update your target market, we’d love to help.    

The Salesforce suite of web-based CRM software enables you to build more meaningful and lasting relationships with customer by logging, managing

Are you ready for 2016? 6 marketing trends for the next year

2016 is almost here, but before taking a glimpse into next year’s marketing trends, let’s recap what 2015 brought us.
Innovation, improvement, storytelling – these would be some of the keywords used to describe 2015 in terms of marketing. This year, social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have improved their advertising experience by launching ad platforms.
At the same time, the

5 Steps to Map your Buyer Journey

 Are you aware of the experiences your customers encounter  when interacting with your company and brand? What can you  do to improve their journey?
 First of all, you have to be aware of your buyer’s journey. This means you  have to take into account the different scenarios and steps your customer  may take when interacting with your company. Consider also that