How To Create An Effective B2B Social Media Strategy

10 Jul

How To Create An Effective B2B Social Media Strategy

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Over the years, social media has turned into an essential instrument for B2B tech companies. A study by B2B Technology Content Marketing revealed that almost 96% of tech businesses use social media content as their first marketing tactic. Whether you're looking to engage with your followers through informational content or to retain subscribers over other channels, firstly you have to create an impressive strategy. Here’s where we come in handy and explain how to create an effective B2B social media strategy plan.

Find Your Ideal Target Audience

Spreading content all over social media without knowing your audience and possibly your ideal customer is a total waste of time, money and human resources. First things first, when you’re advertising your business on social media, you need to define your buyer persona. Who are your ideal clients? Only having social sites with your brand name on it won’t grow your revenue and definitely won’t turn your followers into customers.

The main reason you should promote your business on social media is that it allows you to target specific people who could use the information you’re posting. Facebook, for example, uses a Pixel to track visitors from your site to your social page where they can engage with the latest content, updates and perhaps sales offers.  

Humanize Your Social Media Pages

If you’re scheduling your content for social media channels in advance, don’t automate it until the last part. From time to time remember to be spontaneous with your content. For example, sharing news or behind-the-scenes images with team member’s photos on a daily basis will make your tech company look human and way much more attractive to an audience to follow you.

Overthinking what if these oversights will make your business look less serious and professional? Interacting with your audience and showing them the people behind your brand is crucial to engaging with your audience online. Telling good stories and sharing your brand’s personality is something that even tech companies are already taking advantage of it. Having this in mind, next time when you’re building your social media posts calendar, take a few photos of your team and show the world how you really are. Your subscribers are going to appreciate your brand even more.  

Don’t Forget to Check Your Data

According to a report made by Our Social Times, 58 % of B2B tech brands fail when it comes to measuring their social media results. To assure your business a healthy growth, check which social channel is bringing your most engaged users and focus on them. Also, keep an eye on what type of content is working better and increase your audience engagement. This way you can center most of your attention on what your followers want to receive from you. Remember, data alone won’t offer you all the answers, but interpreting the results will.

Social media sites offer you the possibility to track data directly from their platform without using any other supplementary apps or extensions. Moreover, if you’re using a scheduling program like Buffer, you can take advantage of their statistics and use it on your data report.

Finally, a properly executed social media strategy will draw attention to hidden aspects on your website and highlight how your company is relevant for your followers. If you need more in-depth data on this topic, let us know in the comments below or feel free to contact us in private.

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