You know nothing about marketing

7 Jun

You know nothing about marketing

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Bogdan just joined the NNC family and we couldn't be happier to have him on the team! Only a few weeks ago he decided to apply for one of our internship positions and that was only the beginning. Better let Bogdan tell the story and share his thoughts on how the NNC experience changed his life.

Starting a new chapter in life is always complicated. You begin to discover your weaknesses, you face the fear of failing and most of all, you start questioning the choices you have made up to this point. But there is also a positive side to this process: you get to learn new things and even discover unknown passions.

We all need to start somewhere

I still remember the moment when I first saw the internship ad, a part of me wanted to apply immediately while the other half just encouraged me to ignore it. “You know nothing about marketing, why would you apply there? It’s not for you!” So, that’s what I did. I ignored a potential opportunity, thinking to myself that I made the right decision. As the days passed, my mind was still peering into the distance, trying to envision myself in this brand new world. On a Monday morning, I finally made a decision, one that had the potential to change my whole career. I applied for the internship and so my new journey began.

Shortly after submitting my application, I was invited to meet for an interview. I was feeling surprised, even shocked but then I thought that maybe this is what the universe intended for me, to start a new chapter! The recruitment process passed in the blink of an eye, although I have to admit that processing all that information at once was a bit challenging at first. But overall the recruitment interviews were well-built, serving as a perfect introduction into the marketing world.

There was still one question to address: What do I want from this potential job? Do I want it to be a stepping stone, or do I want it to be just an experience? Only time will tell, I guess.

Office life can be quite exciting

Despite all my insecurities, the first week at NNC was one of my best experiences ever. It was a fun, enjoyable but also confusing week. I was impressed with how welcoming and trusting my team was. I am a shy person and interaction is not one of my strong suits but somehow, because of their welcoming spirit I started to feel at ease. Something about their attitude and speech helped me calm down and make the most of that first week.

In response to the great load of information received in the beginning, the inevitable wave of confusion engulfed me but fortunately my colleagues came to the rescue. The ‘’We succeed together’’ motto characterizes the team attitude by 101%. They are like a small family, encouraging each other, and when working together, no task is impossible for them, no matter how hard or urgent it may be. Communication is definitely a strong point in the NNC family.

There is no such thing as an easy project

Another thing that impressed me was the speed at which I was involved in the company’s projects, and basically, on the second day there, I was already working on some very interesting projects. To be honest, based on my previous experience, I was expecting to start working on a small side project that made no difference whatsoever. But boy, was I wrong! Suddenly I was working on three projects that required me to research and understand the needs of the client thoroughly.

All of my projects required me to do a lot of research, finding companies that fit our needs, determining which person can have the potential to transform into a lead. One thing that I can definitely say is the fact that every task is important, no matter how repetitive it seems to’s probably not.

For example, building the contact database seems like a repetitive task but the truth is that without it, the project wouldn't exist. A well-made database can guarantee your absolute success. You can add whatever contact you want, and just say you finished it but in reality, you have to carefully hand pick every contact, read every bit of information in order to decide whether or not the contact fits your requirements. At a first glance, it seems pretty simple to do that, but when you look into more detail, you can understand that finding the right contacts may be harder than you thought.

As the first weeks passed I noticed an increase in my responsibilities, I was involved in more internal updates and truth be told, it really made me feel like I was part of the team. Throughout working on all of these projects, I realized that learning and paying attention gets you far. Not only do you learn about the clients but you also learn about B2B marketing. You slowly grasp all this valuable knowledge and insight, information that will definitely serve you well in the future.

All's well that ends well

Well, I think it’s time to sum it all up. Realistically this job can get quite stressful sometimes but if you start counting the fruits of your labor, you will clearly notice that most of them are good, and only one or two are bad. We’re basically marketing farmers, planting small seeds and slowly watching them sprout into some mighty fine leads.

Overall I would say that...I loved this internship! Not only was I given the opportunity to work on some very interesting projects with real-life impact but I also made some incredible friends. I know I am just starting to see the tip of the marketing iceberg but I am looking forward to the future and to the incredible plans it has in store for me.

And to end all of this on the fun side, a famous man once said: I don’t know who you are...but I will look you up on LinkedIn and I will find you.

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