Build your employer brand by keeping your employees happy

29 Jul

Build your employer brand by keeping your employees happy

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Any company that wants to position itself as an employer of choice on the market should be concerned with the well-being of their employees and ensure their satisfaction with the current job position. Taking this into account, we wanted to see what is the secret to keeping the Romanian employees happy so we put on the investigator’s hat and started our research. Let’s explore together our findings.

What makes Romanian employees leave their jobs?

Although Romania is one of the fastest-growing economies in the European Union, it is currently facing a labor crisis and a problem of employee retention. Our 2018  IT&C market study shows what are the most important factors impacting the employees’ decision to change their job.

  • 88.1% - better financial offer
  • 82% - professional development opportunities
  • 52.3% - your future co-workers’ technical skills 
  • 44.9% - extra benefits
  • 43.9% - current and future client portfolio of the future employer
  • 36.5% - job responsibilities
  • 33.8% - employer’s reputation
  • 32.2% - better workplace stability

What makes Romanian employees happy with their current job?

According to the iSense Solutions study created for the 2019 Romanian Employer Branding Conference, 55% of the Romanian employees working in the urban areas are satisfied with their current job and are actively pursuing a professional career in their company. Let’s see the main reasons that keeps them happy in the workplace:

  • 60% - receiving their salary on time
  • 59% - good team relationship
  • 52% - getting certifications in their field of focus
  • 49% - interesting job
  • 44% - feeling that their work is useful
  • 43% - feeling they are respected in the workplace
  • 42% - good relationship with the higher management
  • 36% - competent co-workers

What do Romanian employees expect from their employers?

In addition to the discoveries of our previous article on employer branding, we would like to add the findings on employees’ expectations as shown by a BestJobs survey, one of the largest recruitment companies in Romania:

  • 86% - salary and extra-wage benefits along with work schedule
  • 68% - flexibility with working hours and professional development within the company 
  • 52% - opportunity to work from home 
  • 44% - several days of rest leave 
  • 39.3% - the company's field of activity and proximity of the office to home
  • 32% - development prospects within the company
  • 14.3% - the employer’s reputation and position in the market 
  • 7.7% - opinions in social media about the  employer

What are the most desirable benefits from the Romanian urban employers?

According to the iSense Solutions study, these are the top 5 most wanted benefits:

  • 50% - receiving the 13th salary
  • 49% - insurance or medical subscription
  • 47% - the first holiday
  • 46% - holiday bonus
  • 42% - gift vouchers

How can you stop your employees from leaving your company?

The HR managers participating in the HPDI study revealed the most successful incentives on the market that can increase employee retention.

  • 66% - a well-established career plan 
  • 59% - work-based education programs in the form of different courses or trainings
  • 47% - coaching sessions 
  • 45% - flexible program 
  • 23% - higher wages 

We know how hard it is to keep people motivated and engaged to a company, especially in a competitive industry like IT&C. If you struggle with your employer branding inside your company, we can work together to create a personalized strategy to address your specific business needs.  Our main objective will be to build trust between you and your employees because we know from experience that by building an organizational culture and focusing on your employees from their first day in the company will make them choose to stay with you for a long time.

Final thoughts

When you know what makes your employees happy, what are their expectations and desires from a potential employer and a prospective new job, you can create a more efficient employer branding strategy. Get in touch with us today and our dedicated marketing experts will be excited to help your company position as a Romanian Employer of Choice.

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