Marketo, used properly, increases your company's impact and overall results.

11 Dec

Marketo, used properly, increases your company's impact and overall results.

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Saas Marketing Automation was created to improve the financial performance of companies, and to propel businesses in the race for customer attention. Thanks to automation, startups hold power to compete on the market with the big players from various industries. The most important aspect is proper implementation so that any company would obtain positive results, optimize the processes and increase revenue.

The latest statistics say that “on average, 51% of companies are currently using Marketing Automation, and more than half of B2B companies (58%) plan to adopt the technology in the near future.”
If you use a marketing automation tool within your company, you will notice results in less than 30 days. The increase in sales will be remarkable, but remember to keep close a team of certified specialists to supervise your automated system. Otherwise, your investment could not reach the expected results.

Marketo -  a playbook for digital marketing success

Marketo is a marketing automation software which puts marketing first across the entire customer experience cycle. It offers 5 main solutions suitable for all the marketing channels in the customer journey.

  • Email marketing -> builds long-term relationships with customers
  • Lead Management -> attracts and nurtures buyers
  • Consumer Marketing -> personalized experiences for customers
  • Customer Base Marketing -> increases customer retention
  • Mobile Marketing -> for better communication with customers through mobile devices

Some of Marketo’s Best Practices

When it comes to best practices, there are many features of the platform that bring considerable benefits to its users. After an A/B testing process with Marketo, here are some excellent points to consider:

1. When it’s the best time of the day to send emails?

It depends on your business and audience. Marketo recommends splitting the audiences in 3, back into numbers to see at least 1000 opens to test, send each email from a different campaign at different hours - 5 AM, 10 AM and 1 PM. You will notice what works best for your company.

2. Generic or personalized emails?

It depends on the conditions and the behavior of the online consumers. Personalized emails improve click-through rate by up to 14%.
But, using standard personalization, you will discover with Marketo that generic emails are the winners in the early stage and mid-stage of the buying cycle. Personalized emails work better in the late stages.

3. HTML or Text emails?

Hyperlinking in emails could hurt the conversion rates, but Marketo discovered that HTML emails and Text emails have similar results regarding the open rate. If the purpose of the email is the open rate of the offer, then text emails will perform better, and they require less creative resources.

4. Webinar optimization

The content is essential for a webinar, and the subject line has to be clear. Webinars are investment pieces because you have to convince someone to spend one hour from their time. Marketo affirms that besides the content, the most important aspect is to give people what they want when they need it. If in an early stage a blog post or ebook could work better, then you should postpone the webinar for a late stage.

5. Call to Action button effect

How does the call to action button impact the open rates? A rounded button with italicized text reduces unsubscribers by 25%. Also, Marketo recommends using well-built HTML buttons, which can be found online.

Meet Marketo's challenges

Marketo is an exceptional platform that offers professional marketing solutions throughout the entire selling funnel. It is a very user-friendly platform that supports mainly B2B marketers and offers less B2C solutions. It supports multi-channel digital campaigns, however, it doesn’t support very well offline or traditional campaigns.

Integrating and coordinating sales and marketing staff is challenging, and takes effort and time when doing it for the first time, that’s why is very important to have a Marketo specialist to guide your marketing team in the process.

Marketo reporting

Reporting also requires attention and time for marketers to obtain the most accurate overview of the campaigns, customers and their purchasing decisions. Marketo professionals use specific codes for defining the materials, and the campaigns have to be adequately set from the beginning, to have quantifiable results.

The platform provides a variety of reports and powerful insights into ROI, the mix of channels performance and engagement, and the efficiency of sophisticated marketing strategies.
We strongly recommend collaborating with a third party provider able to manage all the reports both in Revenue Explorer and Analytics menus and extract the necessary data for your next marketing steps.

Final thoughts

Our team of certified marketing automation specialists is able to solve the challenges that your company may encounter in the Marketo implementation process. The fact that you are the next business using marketing automation sets you on the path of evolution and success. We are aware of the fact that marketing automation is the future, and we are here to embrace this new trend along with your company.

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