Employer Branding. Do you have what it takes to be an Employer of Choice in Romania?

14 Jun

Employer Branding. Do you have what it takes to be an Employer of Choice in Romania?

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Living in the digital era where tech developments happen all the time can sometimes be challenging for companies that are trying to attract and retain top talent for their departments. This is why investing your resources into creating an attractive employer brand experience is more important than ever. With this purpose in mind, we decided to put on the investigator’s hat and see what requirements are on the Romanian market to become an employer of choice.

Is employer branding really that important?

There is no doubt about it. According to the study published by Catalyst Solutions in 2019, one of the major challenges of Romanian companies is to attract the right candidates for their job openings and this is where employer branding becomes a game changer. As an employer of choice, you need to get creative and offer an amazing candidate experience but in order to do that, you first need to understand what’s on their mind. So let’s take a moment and put ourselves in the candidates’ shoes and see things from their perspective.

I just graduated or I want to make a career change...where do I start?

When looking for a job on the Romanian market, regardless of your situation, whether you just graduated or are looking to take your career to the next level, there are 3 very important questions you need to ask yourself when choosing your next workplace.

1. What are my expectations from my future employer?

  • 81% Attractive Salary & Benefits
  • 60% Safe Job
  • 57% Flexible/ Remote Work
  • 53% Leaders’ encouragement / Pleasant work environment
  • 43% New professional challenges
  • 40% Positive impact on society
  • 39% Experts to learn from
  • 37% Performance appreciation
  • 35% Working with latest technologies / Rapid career advancement

2. What industry should I start working in?

  • 39% IT&C
  • 23% Consulting (management, strategy)
  • 22% Automotive
  • 20% Public Sector
  • 15% Banking / Financial Services
  • 14% Professional services (HR, training) / Accounting / Audit / Taxes
  • 13% Media / Market Research/ Advertising/ Telecommunications

3. Where do I start looking for job openings?

  • 72% Company website
  • 67% Personal network within companies
  • 60% Job boards (career portals)
  • 53% Colleagues / friends
  • 51% LinkedIn (groups / career pages)
  • 43% Job fairs
  • 42% Job ads on news / specialized sites
  • 40% Facebook (groups / career pages)

Give your employees a voice

We all work in a competitive environment and when creating your branding strategy, there are many things to consider to position yourself as an employer of choice. As we wrote in our previous article with tips to improve your company’s branding strategy, employer branding is not only about your reputation as a place to work, but it is also about your employees’ perception of you as an employer.

Listen to their stories, their thoughts and desires, understand that more than 50% of them are interested in the work-life balance so take steps to make that happen. Additionally, take account of their complaints, see if there is any way you can accommodate their requests to make them happy, invest in your employees because otherwise 30% of them are already willing to accept a job change if a salary increase is included in the package.

Final thoughts

Becoming an employer of choice in Romania can be a challenging but incredible experience. You will get the chance to better connect with your employees, understand their expectations and together create an amazing workplace environment, one where everybody will be happy to come to every morning. Get in touch with us today and our dedicated marketing experts will be excited to help your company position as a Romanian Employer of Choice.

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