Inbound vs. Outbound: stats and figures

19 Aug

Inbound vs. Outbound: stats and figures

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Any company understands the importance of marketing for both its visibility and long-term growth. But taking the right decisions to develop the right marketing strategy for a company can be challenging. HubSpot offers a comprehensive report on the current state of inbound marketing and sales strategy, which you can use as a reference for the Marketing Strategy of your company. Check out the infographic below to find out more!


As shown in the infographic, marketing strategy implementation plays an essential role for most of the businesses, regardless of their domain and size. The reference resource provided by HubSpot represents a good starting point for young companies, but it can prove useful as well for companies of 10 or more years of experience. That’s because you need to constantly adapt your approach to the market needs, but most importantly, to the technology trends and upgrades.

Marketing priorities

Depending on your field of activities and targeted audience, you might allow a different order to the marketing priorities in your list. But overall, they don’t differ much from one company to another. Let’s take, for example, the ROI. Whenever you launch a new campaign, you should check whether the resources invested in the project is beneficial or is hurting your company. Explained at the most basic level, the return on investment (ROI) correlates the amount of money you spent on a campaign with the revenue you earned from it. It is easy to calculate ROI when implementing a PPC campaign, as the data is tracked automatically and you can compare it with others. But how can you calculate ROI for content marketing like blog posts and social media? An experienced marketing agency can help you with that.

Inbound marketing goals

All of these priorities are a great fit for Inbound Marketing. The main Goals of inbound marketing mentioned by the companies fit in those 3 main categories: SEO, Content Marketing and Marketing Automation. And here is why they are essential for you:

  • SEO makes it easier for you to find and focus on the right keywords for your content and measure results.
  • Content Marketing creates and distributes valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience to drive customer engagement.
  • Marketing Automation provides efficiency in repetitive tasks such as email marketing, social media posting, and provides a personalized experience for the customers.

But how about Outbound Marketing? Only a small proportion of companies are using outbound techniques to generate leads. Let’s see what tactics are used for each strategy:

Generating leads and traffic

One crucial aspect was mentioned by the companies both as a final goal and a challenge: generating leads and traffic. But this can be accomplished as a goal and overcome as a challenge through inbound lead generation. It is a saving solution that protects your campaigns from the spam button and ad blocker. You can use every social media channel as your lead generating source, as long as you address the right audience through it and use adapted tools. This is something that a marketing team can successfully accomplish if you feel like it’s something out of your sphere of activities.

This is why it is recommended to set the budget for the marketing strategy and implementation thoughtfully. Most of the companies that are investing high amounts of money in marketing and choose to approach their audiences through the right channels see good results and ROI. And this is why most interviewed companies allocate a bigger or the same budget from one year to another. Good marketing decisions require advanced tools and experienced people, but at the end of the day, it is totally worth it.

Final thoughts

Inbound marketing offers the possibility to attract customers by creating valuable content which they are interested in. It has a positive impact on both your customers and your business. This is why most of the companies acknowledged inbound as a better source of high ROI than outbound. 

Inbound marketing is one part of a broader spectrum. It makes a great team with Sales and Services departments to offer help and support in someone’s journey of becoming a customer.

Do you want to grow your business with inbound marketing? Make sure you plan and implement it right. Choose a HubSpot Partner Agency and get started with inbound. Get in touch to learn more about Inbound Marketing.


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