Top marketing challenges B2Bs have in 2022

19 Apr

Top marketing challenges B2Bs have in 2022

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In the Digital Conference we hosted last month, we had an amazing speaker panel: Terri Mock - Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer @ Rave Mobile Safety, Monica Dumitriu - Head of Marketing @ FLOWX.AI, Matei Psatta - Co-founder & CMO @ TPS Engage and Daniel Bird - Channel Account Manager @ HubSpot. We asked them some questions regarding their marketing strategy, and in today's article, we will share their main challenges faced in 2022.

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HubSpot is a CRM platform that makes it simple for businesses to collaborate from marketing strategy to sales and customer support. Daniel Bird’s main challenge is understanding their target audience and continuously retargeting them: “I think as simple as understanding what that buyer's journey is for the industry that you're targeting, will give you a good start. And then maybe one two to three different campaigns with similar messaging, and then analysing that report to see if it was successful. But retargeting is hugely important. “

Rave Mobile Safety provides the leading critical communication and collaboration platform trusted to help save lives. Terri Mock’s main preoccupation is maintaining the company’s KPIs high. In her vision, this can be a tricky part and you need to pay attention to every metric: “So you look at the website and there are these key cases, KPIs that you can benchmark against terms of web traffic or conversion rates, bounce rates, sites fee, UTM tracking, turnover, withdrawals and then you can go down the list, right paid search, CTR, CPC conversion rates. “

TPS Engage is a fully automated platform that makes it easy and affordable to advertise on almost any digital billboard globally. Matei Psatta’s main concern is watching what competition is up to. He seeks what other companies are doing well and tries to replicate and optimise it for his own company’s good: “Because if you're trying to fight with a bigger company, using the same tactic, you just need more resources. And that's a good strategy if you have access to those resources, but you can find a company who has been at the market for 20 years. “

FLOWX.AI is building a software platform to tackle a $1Tn/year problem: building the latest digital enterprise solutions on legacy technology. Monica Dumitriu’s approach on it is : “As a marketer you have to decide if your communication role is to (1) accept and manage the underlying resistance to change or to (2) proactively minimise that resistance.

One example is to make it behaviourally impossible to stick to the old solution: for example, years ago when working in branding we launched a new pack for margarine. About 3 months after the launch the clients calls us very unhappy that the new pack product isn’t selling. We undertook some serious research to find out what’s wrong with the pack…turns out, given the fact that the client already had big stocks of margarine with the old packaging, they took the decision not to withdraw the old pack from retail.”

So, what are your options to avoid these challenges?

Whether you're an individual contributor or a manager, the first step to overcoming this challenge is to reframe what "training" means to you. Even the most top-tier, ROI-generating unicorn marketer will require time to adjust to your company's culture and develop as an employee and potential leader.

In the end, companies should see training and professional development as indirect ROI producers. Even the most top-tier unicorn talent will need time to adjust to your company's culture.

Some ideas would be the following:

  • Encourage project managers or individual contributors who want to be seen to share experiments, tactics, or learnings at events, weekly meetings, or annual team meetings.
  • Organise a yearly professional development day during a quiet season, during which all employees are encouraged to attend a free online course of their choice and report back on their experiences.
  • Consider holding quarterly or bi-annual new employee or new management training days where new recruits and managers may plan to attend and train with minimal disruption to their quarterly projects.
  • Create evergreen training videos, internal quizzes, or other materials for new or freshly promoted employees to get on their first day.

Recognising Your Marketing Obstacles

An in-depth examination of your marketing plan and its current effectiveness can assist you in identifying your greatest marketing opportunity. This will allow you to concentrate on the areas that require the greatest improvement, allowing you to begin making your marketing significantly more effective.

Are you ready to overcome your obstacles? Never-mind your start, it’s where you’re headed that’s crucial and we’re ready to take you to the next level!

A team of passionate and dedicated professionals, we’re here to help you reach your business goals, enter new markets, grow and gain a prominent placement, see you off reaching new opportunities you never thought you would! At NNC Services, we join forces to get your company a place among the stars!

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Meeting challenges is exciting and we’d love to meet yours! Gathering data, planing away strategies and consistently building your brand image, we connect your product with your target audience and turn your company into a benchmark.

Contact us and request a free consultation regarding your marketing challenges.

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