Best Types of Google Ads in 2022

29 Mar

Best Types of Google Ads in 2022

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When you put a query into the Google search bar, you've probably seen the usual text ad that appears at the top of the Google results page. The Google Search Network relies heavily on text adverts, which are referred to as "text ads." They may be quite powerful and are an important part of the marketing mix for many organizations. But what about the various Google ad formats you can choose from? What if you're a store looking to sell your merchandise? What if you're attempting to persuade people to install your app?

Which Google ad format should you use to get the most out of your marketing efforts? Let's have a look.

1. Standard Text Ads – Now Called "Expanded Text Ads" (ETAs)

Text advertising used to be relatively simple, with a fixed character restriction and little space for copywriter creativity or using top keywords for improved ranks. Google developed these advertising into what is now known as expanded text ads a few years ago (ETAs). Up to three headlines and two descriptions can be included in an ETA, as well as "extensions" that allow you to include things like phone numbers and links to various pages on your website. ETAs are a tried-and-true sponsored search strategy that should be considered by all advertisers.

Standard text ads example - Types of Google Ads

2. Responsive Search Ads (RSAs)

They provide an additional headline and description possibilities to enable for a wider audience and A/B testing without having to produce separate advertisements. Google will experiment with numerous headline and description combinations until it finds the most successful one, allowing you to reach out to potential buyers with the most compelling material at the perfect moment. These ad formats have the disadvantage of requiring each headline to function well with the others, giving a clear message regardless of the sequence in which they appear. You can pin some headlines — for example, if you want the brand name to appear in Headline 1 all the time – but your options are restricted. Finally, Google advises including one RSA and two ETAs in a normal ad group.

3. Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs)

Dynamic Search Ads Implementation - ExampleDynamic search advertising are a sort of automated ad that dynamically populates search advertisements with material from your website. These advertisements are designed to be utilized with well-developed websites that have well defined content categories and a significant product inventory. DSAs target your advertising to customers looking for comparable items or services based on the content on your website. This saves you a lot of time in the setup process and guarantees that you use keywords that you may otherwise overlook. However, because of the automation, you have limited influence over the content of your ad. Google makes every effort to keep the material on the pages you designate relevant. You may submit a product feed for Google to construct various ad kinds if you're selling many product lines or even just one range of items.

4. Image Ads

Image advertisements are served through the Google Display Network, which means they can appear on websites that have partnered with Google to sell ad space; Google will prioritize showing them on sites that your target demographic frequents. Image advertising, also known as display ads, can be static or interactive visuals and are best used for brand recognition campaigns, whereas text ads are targeted at consumers who are farther down the marketing funnel.

5. App Promotion Ads

App promotion advertisements do exactly what they say on the tin: they encourage people to download apps. These advertisements are most commonly seen on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, but they may also be shown on Google Search and Display Network platforms such as Google Play, YouTube, and Google Discover.

App Promotion Ads

6. Video Ads

You may target customers on Google Partner sites and platforms, such as YouTube, using a variety of video ad types to provide a more engaging experience. Video advertising is a lucrative ad type with a high return on investment, and it is highly recommended for businesses with the financial resources to invest in video assets. Fun facts: On YouTube alone, more than 500 million hours of video material are seen every day, and video consumption accounts for one-third of all internet activity.

Video Google Ads

7. Call-Only Ads

On mobile devices, call-only ads allow you to promote phone calls. These can be programmed to operate only during business hours or all of the time. When a user clicks on the ad, it makes a direct call to you from the SERP. These ad kinds will look and feel like ordinary text advertising, with headlines and descriptions. However, unlike call extensions, these ad kinds run as their own ad, inviting a user to call your business directly, whereas text advertisements take the visitor to a landing page.

Are you eager to discover the most beneficial blend for your brand now that you've learned about all of your options? Send us an email.

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