8 Ways to promote your new Facebook page for free

27 Aug

8 Ways to promote your new Facebook page for free

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So you have this new marvelous website and a new Facebook page that you hope will make your audience love you. But you have to build this audience first. Where to begin? Here are number of ways to popularize your Facebook page and make everyone to „like” you:

1.    Post/share quality content. This is why you started the page in the first place, to share information on your product or activity, so be sure your content is relevant for your audience, making them wanting to stay posted and sharing it. Remember, they can go as quickly as they came, if you spam them. Don’t exaggerate with promoting your brand either; instead publish information of general interest, that your audience is more likely to share on their own pages.

2.    Put a LinkedIn badge/button on the first page of your website. It’s now a standard practice to link your website to as many social media profiles as possible, so make sure that you align with this trend. This way it is far easier for them to find you no matter what channel they prefer.

3.    Take your page everywhere. In your business signature, on your other social media profiles, on your blog posts, in your bio as contributor to online content. Link to your Facebook page anywhere you provide further info on you or your brand.

4.    Use your social network. Spread the word as much as possible through your actual friends. Start with you co-workers since they will be more likely to follow your page. Ask your friends to suggest your page to their friends as well.

5.    „Like” others. Become a fan of other relevant Facebook pages, post comments and get involved in conversations and do this by using your page profile, not your own personal profile. You will get the best results if you post on pages that have a great number of fans that can notice you. You can also tag these other, well-trafficked fan pages in your updates.

6.    Offline promotion. If your business physical interacts with the customers on a daily basis (like running a shop for example), make your new Facebook page address visible as often as possible in the space where you meet your clients, in your flyers, business cards or other collaterals that you use to promote your brand.

7.    Add a Like box. This is a must. And when you do this, make sure you include face pile, in order for your readers to know how many of their friends like the page as well.

8.    Connect with Twitter. This is a must too. Ask your Twitter followers to join your Facebook page, in a nice, polite way.

Promoting Facebook page shouldn’t be that hard, but remember, you have to be patient since building a large community around it takes time, experience and, why not admitting it, some luck.


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