If you encounter these challenges, you need a HubSpot Portal Audit

10 Mar

If you encounter these challenges, you need a HubSpot Portal Audit

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As a Gold Certified HubSpot Partner agency, we work with clients from all different kinds of industries. We have noticed many times that managing the Hubspot Portal seems easy at the beginning (and most enjoyable), even with organizing and keeping things clean. But over time, the portal gets cluttered and disorganized, keeping the company from being productive.


The primary goal of a HubSpot Portal Audit is to find how is your company performing in terms of marketing and which areas fit for improvement. By performing regular HubSpot Portal audits, you make sure your business delivers performance in terms of visitors, leads, conversion rates, and sales.


Before we get into the significant signs that you probably need to perform a HubSpot Portal audit, let’s see how it can benefit your company.



Why do you need to conduct a HubSpot portal audit?


A HubSpot Portal Audit is an excellent opportunity for taking stock of everything you’ve invested in HubSpot, reorganizing it, and reassessing what you’re doing with the platform. It allows you to focus your campaigns and efforts work towards your business strategy, on the results you get versus what could potentially be getting. We’ve already exposed the importance of conducting a HubSpot portal audit once a year, presenting the key questions to adress with the process.

But there are chances that your portal might need one before the deadline, and here are some clues to help you decide whether it is the time.


The time spent on searching and finding assets has increased

If your team finds itself spending minutes or even hours finding things in the portal, it’s a sign that you need an audit.

The File Manager is often the biggest source of disorganization in HubSpot. Any asset ever uploaded, from images to PDFs, videos or important tools like Calls-to-Action, lists, and workflows, can become a never-ending scrolling story. If they are located in the same place with no plan for organizing it, they may end up lost in a 100 pages long list of assets. It is hard to keep up with which form is updated, which is the list of created contacts that you should implement for the current campaign, and in the end, your team gets frustrated while losing valuable time.


What to do about it?

The assets represent the easiest area that gets complicated, as different users have access to the same portal and import the files as they go or update their tasks. It seems a bit risky at first, as removing one asset might lead to link breaking, but the sooner you proceed with decluttering, the less mess will occur in the future.


Start by reviewing the hierarchy of File Manager. You should have a filling system to help with organizing your files and make sure that everyone that has access in the files knows where every asset is going to be found. Start by having a folder for all the static files that your website hosts: images of products, headers, or backgrounds. After you set up an intuitive hierarchy that works for everyone, do the same for emails, blogs, eBooks, social media and so on.


Having a well-organized system will allow your team to gain back productivity and to collaborate easier, and now that you know which files are no longer serving you, they can be erased or archived with no worries for broken links.



Very often when we start an audit we encounter pages and pages of poorly named landing pages, lists, emails, CTAs, and workflows. (i.e. Langing1, landing2020.02, contactlists_V2 and so on). Make sure you set up a naming convention that everyone applies, and things should get more easily to find.


Your team has a hard time reporting the results and tracking the campaigns

There are a few reasons for losing track of higher conversions of your landingpages or email campaigns. It could be that your portal doesn’t keep up with the latest changes in terms of sales and marketing, or that you’ve experienced employers turnover. Maybe you’ve flawlessly adjusted your tools and kept them clean with the appropriate naming convention, but it may be time to do a bigger picture audit.


Are you using the right tools?

You may feel you’re not getting you can out of HubSpot, so tend to implement tools on the go hoping that they will help with the performance of your campaigns. There are big chances that you’re misusing them, or you are using the wrong ones. Another critical aspect that you should take care of is setting the process of sales funnel. If you do have a process in place, your team should take advantage of the automation software and choose the right tools to keep the conversion flowing.


What to do to avoid this in the future?

It is preferably that your sales and marketing team would collaborate on setting the sales process, as the same purpose drives their related actions and online activities. Once you understand what the main focus is, you’ll notice where the interruption of the process occurs, so you can act as fast as possible to restart a new sales funnel process.


Setting the common goal will make it easier for your team to declutter the data they don’t need anymore (such as unresponsive contacts lists and unused workflows) when proceeding to a HubSpot portal audit while focusing on the right tools to reach the goals. This also means that you’ll use the automation tool so your team won’t manually review each lead before passing it to the sales team.


Need Help conducting a HubSpot portal audit?




If you have just started the HubSpot portal journey or you feel overwhelmed thinking about conduction a HubSpot portal Audit, don’t worry. NNC Services is a Gold Certified HubSpot Agency, and we can help your company reach excellent results.


Schedule a free consultation with a member of our HubSpot team of certified consultants, and we will guide you with tips and suggested improvements in one actionable clearly outlined report that can help you implement incoming marketing more effectively for your organization.


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