Turn Your Sales Enablement Tools into a Skyrocketing Asset for Your Business

29 May

Turn Your Sales Enablement Tools into a Skyrocketing Asset for Your Business

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Many leaders have lately been focusing on technologies like artificial intelligence, sales enablement tools, and training. To optimize the buyer's journey, businesses should innovate the inbound and sales enablement strategy. 

A new direction may include reevaluating your sales team's skills and complimenting them with automated tools that boost lead generation and energize the sales and marketing alignment of your business.

Why do you need a sales enablement strategy?

The final goal of each business is to add as many valuable clients to its portfolio as possible. That is the reason why the sales team positions itself as a vital asset of your business. To drive more revenue, you have to provide the team with relevant resources, materials, and tools

Did you know that 57% of sales pros spend around 3–10+ hours per week using CRM tools? This is because sales tools like CRMs are handy to boost sales and productivity; CRMs can increase sales by 29% and productivity to 34%. Imagine if your sales team could not use such tools. Or benefit from other types of resources, like training. 

In this modern era, where technology is the new drive for businesses everywhere, your company has to take advantage of it in every way. In this case, we are speaking of resources that can empower your team to sell services or products to your prospects effectively

To meet your business needs, you have to customize a sales enablement strategy. Consider these main factors that should be the main pillars of your sales team' activities: 

  • reporting and analysis
  • sales content optimization
  • technology and automation
  • sales enablement software

An effective sales enablement strategy will increase your chances of being successful with your sales process, in the end, making you part of those 35% businesses that reported a higher sales quota attainment as a result of a structured sales enablement strategy. 

4 tools that will empower your sales enablement in 2020

Since our team has been using the HubSpot platform, we have seen a significant improvement in the collaboration of the marketing and sales teams. Reporting and analysis services are two benefits we encountered since collaborating with the HubSpot CRM. 

It is crystal clear that manual analysis takes a very long time, and in the current context, you should focus on using more automated tools that will improve this process for your sales and marketing teams.

More than that, automated sales enablement tools will allow you to see what, where, when, and how to deliver services or products to your customers. Tools like HubSpot can do that for you by optimizing the data from your customers' behavior. 

Thinking of the sales enablement process through the time lense, we should look at these numbers: 35 to 50% of sales go to the fastest responding businesses. Time to choose a tool that can help you be one of these companies!

HubSpot brings teams a few steps closer to automating their activities throughout the entire marketing and sales process. When it comes to attracting clients, nurturing leads, and growing new opportunities, your teams can swell the potential that sales enablement tools can bring for closing deals more effectively. 

Have you been seeking to bring sales and marketing alignment within your workflow?

BlogBanner Mk Automation 

Seamless integration will be efficient for the sales enablement process since automated software like HubSpot can offer you a broad view of your sales pipeline

As a reward, you will increase your sales team's productivity, since they will have a clearer understanding of what to focus on each step of the sales process. Eventually, your sales will create more opportunities to close deals and make more connections that can be fruitful in the future. 

Sales enablement tools should have a very intuitive and efficient approach to be highly effective for your business and your marketing and sales teams. By integrating services that can alleviate the activities of marketing and sales teams, your business will accelerate the sales process, eventually leading to your business growth

This software provides a set of advanced features that will filter documentation and resources that your sales rep can share with a prospect. These documents are filtered based on each lead's record. They will also give adequate email templates that will speed up your sales communication activities

Currently, 64% of sales professionals use CRMs, but how much time are these reps spending in an organized way to make the best of those CRMs? 

The answer is only 17.9% of their time is being spent on customer relationship management in a timely, organized way. It seems that one of the reasons salespeople have less time to be spent on actual revenue-generated activities is the time they have to spend on administrative tasks. 

But software like HighSpot can optimize the activities that a salesperson has in its calendar from the moment they start a sales process, until closing deals. 

Make sure that you empower your team with a sales enablement tool that will allow them to understand better how your content works across each sale cycle, and to leverage it accordingly.

We have previously discussed the popularity of videos and their effectiveness in growing your business pipeline. 

This software will enable your sales team's potential to create a human and very personal connection with the prospects. Instead of sending cold emails, you can use this software to leave video voicemails. The significant part about Vyond is that it can be used even when users don't have any video editing experience. 

Are you looking to launch a creative marketing campaign to generate more leads for the business or send live product demos?

How about using a video marketing strategy? When merging the sales funnel with video marketing, you will notice that they can be the perfect fit for each business's needs:

  • The awareness stage: Generate leads through videos focusing on what your sales representatives wish to communicate to them.
  • The evaluation stage: Validate leads' decision to purchase by creating videos that will enhance your services or products.
  • The conversion stage: Convince your prospects to buy your services or products with videos that address their most significant concerns.

By integrating software as Vyond within your sales enablement strategy, you will undoubtedly increase the ROI of your marketing efforts. That is because your sales team will become more empowered by using such an engaging tool. 

Remember, when we pointed out how important it is that your team stays updated with the latest resources to help you drive revenue? 

When the sales team members attend training to improve their professional knowledge and skills, they will also become more productive and driven about helping you fulfill the final goal of growing your business. 

This software can help your sales team with that by offering videos and text-based information that will accelerate the overall management performance of your team.

While customer's behavior has significantly changed, especially in the past few months, sales representatives have to acknowledge what are these new trends before calling on prospects. 

By using a sales enablement software as Brainshark, you have the opportunity to:

  • Analyze how to improve communication style with AI-powered video assessments 
  • Follow extensive analytics from the dashboard
  • Test out pitches and communication strategies in a low-pressure environment

Final thoughts

With sales enablement already being a strategic investment, you should be finding the right plan on how to acquire a relevant tool that will enable your teams to perform efficiently. 

Our team can assist you with integrating and understanding how to leverage your sales enablement software, to create more opportunities and better connections with your peers eventually. Get in touch with us, and let's see how you can grow your business through the use of sales enablement software such as HubSpot!

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