Types of B2B Marketing Collaterals You Should Include in Your Strategy

9 May

Types of B2B Marketing Collaterals You Should Include in Your Strategy

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Growing an influential brand requires careful planning and marketing done creatively. Having excellent collateral materials is an important part of implementing an effective strategy. As you may know, the primary purpose of marketing collaterals is to expand your business’ credibility and professionalism, while also serving as an informational tool and a reminder to buy for clients.

We think that figuring out which types of B2B Marketing Collaterals you should include in your strategy might be tricky to someone who isn’t a marketing professional. That’s why we have compiled a list of the most effective marketing collaterals that will benefit your business.

Business Presentations

An excellent business presentation, along with other illustrative documentation, establishes your business as an authority. When it comes to meetings and sales, business presentations play an essential role. These can come in the form of slideshows, videos and PDF available for download on your website to convert visitors to leads.

Landing Pages

Landing pages provide a very targeted message for a product or promotion without stuffing too much information. Not only do they help disperse information about your product or service, but they can also increase your conversion rates. These pages are great for building awareness and promoting your business out into the digital world.


Typically, a brochure is a piece of collateral that is full of robust data along with engaging graphics. If you’re starting a new program or product, and have the time, brochures are an oldie but goldie method to describe the characteristics. Bear in mind that these can be distributed both in digital and physical formats, depending on the occasion.


Infographics are an excellent visual method to tell a story and make an impact. Almost any subject can be broken down into an infographic. Even your annual statement with all the details of your business’ journey through the year. In this regard, infographics represent an enormous opportunity for companies to share their data excitingly, and to keep the audience engaged.


Webinars are a great way to help train your viewers through the buyer’s journey. You shouldn’t using webinars to promote your own products; instead, you should use them as a channel to train your viewers. Just like any other content marketing, webinars add meaning, and they're giving something that is enjoyable while solving real problems for your audience.


Demos are quick and concise videos that describe a product or service. With these videos, you can provide your clients a mini tutorial on how to use your product/service. Demos also present your consumers an insight into who you are. They definitely are a powerful and creative way to generate awareness for your company.

White Papers

White papers are a persuasive, authoritative, in-depth way to educate your audience about a particular issue or to explain and promote a specific methodology. By including white papers on your website, you commit to offering your visitors reliable research that is fully documented with references.


Testimonials will help you grab your clients’ attention in the awareness and retention phases of the marketing funnel. The key to an impressive testimonial is concentrating on how the buyer has changed in both tangible and emotional ways since working with your company.

Case Studies

Case studies prove how your business successfully resolved your customer’s business problem. They are a great tool to show your company in action by demonstrating success in a real-world context. Nothing grants more credibility than a satisfied customer! Only one thought, when you are considering implementing case studies on your website, it’s essential to get your customer’s permission before you do it.

All in all, regardless of your industry, make sure that your marketing collaterals focus on what makes your company unique and exceptional, and why people should choose your products and services. Keep in mind that, depending on your business, some types we mentioned before may work for you and some may not. In this case, you can do some trial and error on your own, or you can ask a professional marketer to assist you. Get in touch with us for tailored B2B marketing collaterals designed to meet the needs of your business!

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