Increase ABM Sales Outreach Efficiency with AI

20 Dec

Increase ABM Sales Outreach Efficiency with AI

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Account Based Marketing (ABM) is something you might already be familiar with if you've been in marketing for a while. It is a marketing strategy that concentrates resources on a select group of target accounts within a market and employs individualized campaigns to engage accounts. The result is higher revenues in a shorter amount of time by first identifying key prospects, then tailoring programs and communications to the buying team within target customers.

ABM can give you a great advantage when it comes to hyper-targeted campaigns that really resonate with your intended audience. In fact, data shows ABM is still the most relevant and effective way to connect with your targeted accounts. It shortens the sales cycle by generating high-quality leads and provides a better customer experience. With 89% of B2B marketers reporting an increase in ROI from ABM vs traditional marketing techniques, ABM sales outreach continues to become a mainstream business strategy.

Over the past two years, as peer-based, in-person industry events have been postponed, our digital relationships have exploded, producing previously unheard-of volumes of digital content. Customized content is even more important in this clamor of digital communications. The fundamental tenet of ABM is to concentrate on particular targets with targeted content at the account, industry, and job function or person levels. 

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Our ability to specifically target the interests of our audiences increases as we set more detailed targets. Starting with the demands of the consumer ensures that the content is relevant and not the capabilities of our products. To this day, over 95% of growing B2B companies still use gut feel to define their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) – no wonder there are so many epic Go-To-Market (GTM) failures. 

In this article, we'll explore how N.Rich, an ABM advertising and Intent Data Platform, can revolutionize your ABM sales outreach and give you a distinct competitive advantage. The solution provides cutting-edge technology that helps businesses customize and target their ABM campaigns more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

Unlock the Power of Account Intelligence

We love technology and the way it helps our everyday life. When we discovered N.Rich, we were researching tools we could use for our customers to help them implement their strategies and up their ABM sales outreach to get them to drive quality pipelines with ABM Ads and intent data. Most business developers are tired of pursuing low-quality accounts with scant or no purchase intent. We wanted to help them choose the best-fitting accounts for their ICP and reach out to them at the right moment.

Long gone are the days when marketers focused on getting their online forms filled out. Today we aim to deliver pertinent information to the accounts that your Sales team is most interested in. At the right time, when the account's intent is optimal. By approaching ABM sales outreach like this, we can have a more predictable impact on the funnel.

As a digital marketer, you most probably are looking for a way to make your digital marketing into more than just a cost center. Ideally, to transform it into an engine that creates revenue. We discovered that with N.Rich's help, you can identify the best accounts and reach out individually with ABM sales outreach, so the entire buying committee is engaged. It easily integrates with LinkedIn so you can use retargeting strategies – all while easily demonstrating how these efforts impact sales pipeline & revenue growth.

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N.Rich puts the power of product GTM strategy firmly in your control with its comprehensive platform. You can create specialized customer segments, and initiate and manage targeted marketing campaigns. It supports you in giving your sales team insights to inform their activities and keep track of progress accurately for maximum effectiveness.

Imagine what it would be like if you knew exactly when it was appropriate to contact each customer. Imagine how it would be if we had an account intelligence tool that could identify the buyer intent of any given prospect. No more wasted efforts or inefficiently reaching out to prospects who aren't even close to becoming customers! You could focus on acquiring higher-quality buyers and accelerate deal velocity. 

How N.Rich Works

Engagement is the key to success, as it indicates a real interest in your product or service from an end user. This engagement is measured through a variety of means including website visits, clicks, video views, and text reads. In comparison, many providers rely solely on impressions to measure account-based advertising performance - yet this can be problematic due to banner blindness, ads placed below the fold, and ad fraud. With N.Rich however, you can be sure that all engagement comes from individuals who are genuinely interested in your content - leading to better conversion rates and improved overall performance.

Modeling your high-velocity ICP

It all starts with building the ICP. Within the N.Rich platform, you identify your best-fit target addressable market. Built upon an AI-powered dynamic ICP and lookalike engine and firmographic and technographic data, the process helps companies with better management of their customer profiles.



The Ideal Customer Profile calculation is based on your own CRM data:

  • won and lost deals
  • deal size
  • sales cycle length
  • win rate.

ICP score is dynamically updated as you get more opportunity data. Working with all this data, you will get to experience precision targeting.



Properly managing your customer relations is essential for successful revenue data tracking. N.Rich takes full advantage of this by providing robust integrations with several of the most popular CRM systems currently in use. Furthermore, N.Rich also utilizes engagement data gathered through Marketing Automation to shape more efficient intent scoring as well as to create highly effective workflows between advertising platforms, such as LinkedIn. By taking these leaps, N.Rich ensures that clients have the best opportunity to optimize their revenue data and keep ahead of the competition.

Defining the Total Addressable Market

Once you have your ICPs configured, the next step is to build the segments and intent reports. There are four different ways to create segments in your account:

1. Import from CRM

Importing from your CRM system is a good option if it has the data points necessary for segmentation and if it already tracks data that is relevant to your business like purchase frequency or recency of purchase dates.


2. Firmographic and technographic data

Using firmographic and technographic data means specifying certain filters for the type of customers or prospects you want to reach out to with your marketing messages or offers.


3. Lookalike

You can opt for a Lookalike way to segment your accounts. It consists of uploading a list of email addresses from a similar business or organization that has a known customer base with similar demographics to yours. With this approach, you can target potential leads who are more likely than not to be interested in what you offer, based on their similarity to those customers.

4. ABM Retargeting

Finally, there are retargeting segments that allow you to create segments of customers who have previously interacted with your website but did not convert or purchase anything at that time.

Each of those offers unique benefits, allowing you to create very tailored segments that make an impact. 

Finally, it's time to assess each account's intent meter: 

  • understanding their 3rd-party intent by monitoring industry keywords or competitor brands
  • keeping track of our own 1st-party intent by reviewing who is already visiting your website. 

Going through this process also allows for delightful discoveries to be made about target audiences, ultimately resulting in informed data marketing decisions.

Maximize Exposure with ABM Ads

Now that the ICP and segments have been established, it's time to get the Account Based Marketing (ABM) ads up and running! By leveraging a network of B2B websites, you can make sure that your ad content gets maximum exposure and reaches potential customers far and wide.

Plus, there's no limit to how creative you can be with your ABM sales outreach ads: choose from images, videos, and articles to craft the perfect message for your target audience. Content used in campaigns should address the interests and needs of the key buyer persona(s). 


The key at this stage is engagement. N.Rich assists you in capturing your ICPs' attention, stirring curiosity, and altering purchase decisions. 

Drive and Convert Buyer Intent

Now that we have launched our ABM ad campaigns, it is time to drive and convert buyer intent. To do this, we need to get relevant content in front of our most valuable buyers through third-party websites and proactively steer the target account buyer journey toward our brand and offering. In addition to this, we need to identify accounts demonstrating hot demand and build segments for remarketing on LinkedIn or sales outreach.

As you start seeing 1st-party intent grow (which means the target accounts are interacting with your ads and website pages), it’s time to identify the right decision makers (the Intent locations column will help with this) and start soft outreach:


Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator or your preferred lead sourcing tool (Zoominfo,, etc) to find people and their contact details.



Tip: Tailor talking points according to the ad engagement results. E.g., if you see that your most engaging article was about GDPR issues, start your outreach email by emphasizing how exactly your product helps ensure GDPR compliance.

Opportunity Attribution

Opportunity Attribution allows revenue teams to see how advertising and content syndication helps sales to create and close opportunities, and understand the buyer journey.

Advertising initiatives are essential for any successful sales funnel. These can start from basic informing of potential customers to draw them into the good or service being offered. Measurement capabilities give you the opportunity to measure and track the revenue, pipeline impact, and success of each campaign related to top-of-the-funnel, mid-funnel and bottom-of-the-funnel performance.


Measuring awareness initiatives accurately can thus provide you with valuable information on what strategies are most successful in bringing in potential customers and where changes may need to be made.

What results should you expect when using N.Rich?

Throughout the whole buyer's journey, a good ABM sales outreach strategy incorporates several touchpoints from various media. Paid social and paid search are both excellent starting places for that journey.

Serving a prospect an advertisement, tracking interaction from it, and then connecting the prospect with your sales team are insufficient components of an effective ABM approach.

By utilizing the N.Rich platform, companies can achieve the best results when targeting their desired accounts- these results include increased engagement from the target buying committees across more than 5,000 websites and even social media networks. Thanks to AI-based optimization tools during lengthy B2B sales cycles, businesses will also be able to maximize their engagement efforts to get the greatest ROI on their account-based marketing campaigns. 

Leveraging N.Rich's superior platform gives companies a true competitive advantage through better targeting, smarter bids, and improved ROI for all of their campaign objectives.

Curious to learn more about how you can develop your business using N.Rich?

While personalized content is a significant part of an ABM strategy, you also need to establish your company's credibility by demonstrating to your targets that you know them specifically. Having an ABM sales outreach strategy and an inbound strategy working together powers sales outreach and boosts velocity.

If we peaked your interest and you’re ready to take a closer look at N.Rich, contact us so we can discuss how to use ABM sales outreach to generate more leads as effectively as possible.

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