Best practices for building Landing Pages in Hubspot

18 Jan

Best practices for building Landing Pages in Hubspot

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In the Ever-Changing World Of Technology and e-Commerce, one thing is sure: Nothing will stay the same. As you are browsing through the internet, you visit landing pages all the time, and their sole purpose is to encourage you to convert to a lead or customer.

In this article, we are going to see what are Best Practices for building Landing Pages in HubSpot:

  • What is a Landing Page, and Why do you need one
  • Best practices for creating Landing Pages in Hubspot

What is a Landing Page, and why do you need one?

A landing page is a website page designed with the sole purpose of converting visitors into leads by capturing contacts information in exchange for an offer. Regardless of the landing page type, the intent is the same: helping your Digital Marketing upskill.

The exchange is made through the form on the landing page, but be aware that no other page with a form is a landing page. For example, a blog post might have a sign-up form, but in this case, the user exchanges information to get educated, not convert.

The best landing pages are optimized to acquire the conversion, with the help of images, specific details, and reasons why the offer is relevant to the customer. The average landing page conversion rate across all industries is 9.7%.

When the form is submitted, the visitor receives an email with more information and then gets redirected to a Thank You Page, which completes the Conversion Path.

Also, you have about 7 seconds to make that great first impression with your landing page before the average visitor decides whether or not they're going to stay or bounce elsewhere.

Best practices for building Landing Pages in Hubspot

Every landing page has the same components: Headline, Copy, Image, Form, and CTA, regardless of the type of it. But as far as marketers collect visitors' data and analyze the consumer buyer journey, the style of the landing page keeps changing, but the anatomy stays the same.

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Most people don't read every word of your copy. Instead, they skim through your page, picking bits and pieces. To help the user identify the value of your offer, make sure to avoid clutter, use simple language and structure your copy by using numbers and bullet points.

  1. The use of a benefit-focused headline makes it easier for the customer to know what's in it for them within seconds of arriving and helps your business to keep the bounce-rate score low.
  2. The purpose of the image or a video is to convey a feeling and illustrate the offer. It should support your request, not take it out of focus. In fact, relevant embedded video content can increase conversions by 86%. Optimize the size of the image/video for better page loading time and use alternative text to describe your image textually. This way, search engines and screen readers for the visually impaired) can understand what that image is.
  3. Write a compelling copy that will sell your Call-To-Action. A clear and concise copy speaks directly to the visitor, guides them to the action, and with the use of "you" and "your," they are more engaged.
  4. Landing pages are the least popular sign-up form, but they have the highest conversion rate, 23%. As your visitor just arrived on your landing page, and you want your prospect to convert right away, you need to strategically place your form where it's easily accessible - Above the fold. This way, visitors don't have to scroll to get to the form.
  5. A clear Call-To-Action is the one element that encourages conversion. Be clear in what you want and what your visitor has to do, but avoid vague words, such as "Submit."Instead, based on your landing page type and what you have to offer, you can use compelling words, like "Download" or "Get it now." Pro Tip: Use buttons that stand out by opting for a color that contrasts with other elements from the page.
  6. As the last part of your lead's journey, a relevant offer must be applicable to your business but valuable enough for your visitor to provide their personal information. Finally, you have to motivate your visitor to download, register or sign up for your offer.
  7. We know you want to gather as much info as possible about your lead, but not by asking too much on such short notice. Instead, ask for as little as you need to create a low barrier to entry. Usually, a name and email are more than enough to nurture a new lead.
    landing page
  8. As your landing page has its only objective, to convert visitors into leads, the use of any competing links will distract your prospect. A Hidden Top/Side Navigation will reduce friction and help by increasing the chances your visitors will stay on your page.
  9. A Responsive Landing Page will accommodate every viewing experience, and the best-case scenario is for your form to be top view on mobile devices. This way, you give your visitors multiple opportunities for them to convert.
  10. As visitors are landing on your page, you need to ensure that your Page is Optimized with target keywords. Then, when someone searches for your key phrase, they should find your landing page.
  11. Last but not least, remember to use a Thank You Page. You get a chance to show appreciation towards your visitors and allow them to be interested in additional relevant content.

As you spent months prepping the marketing campaign to make sure it fits your buyer persona, don't let hard work go to waste; remember, converting visitors to leads is your primary goal.

A high-quality landing page can help your business convert more visitors, and remember to use the Best Practices for Building Landing Pages in Hubspot.

If you would like assistance with your landing page optimization for lead generation, get in touch with one of our specialists!

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