5 Ways to Drive More Leads to your B2B Website

18 Jun

5 Ways to Drive More Leads to your B2B Website

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Every company has a website now, but not many get the full ROI out of it. How can you change that? There are a few necessary steps that any B2B company should take into account when they decide to invest time and resources to start generating leads on their websites. Step by step we will talk about each and one of them and provide you with the answers you need.

Research Your Audience

One of the most important aspects, researching your audience, often gets overlooked or even forgotten. To be able to even understand where to start, you first need to know who is going to be your audience. Tools such as Google Analytics are great free assets that provide a wide array of useful information such as where your best visitors are located, learn what people are searching and clicking on your website, uncover your top content and more.

After you get a grasp on the sea of data your website is pumping out you can head out towards the second step which will help you mold your site into a lead machine.

Website Optimization

We all hate a laggy, unresponsive and ugly website. Designing and having a great site is now easier than ever, especially with platforms such as Wordpress, Wix and many others. With that in mind, we should take into account all the information we’ve gathered from our existing website and plan our next steps. One major flaw some B2B companies have when re-designing/creating a new website for their business is that they always try to design for the CEO, not the customers.

This may sound like a ridiculous statement, but all too often, businesses do not design their B2B Website for their customers and prospects. Instead, they take an egocentric approach to Web design, being more interested in talking about themselves and their products instead of solving their customers’ problems.

Become a Search Engine Magnet

You don’t want to be invisible to Google if you're looking to succeed online. Search engines are a powerhouse to drive targeted traffic to your B2B website, but for that to happen,  your site has to be optimized for search engines.

Some great pointers to do that are as follows:

  1. Make your B2B website rich with content focusing on keyword phrases your customers use the most.
  2. Code it so your site is “crawlable” by most search engines. Include keywords in the page tags and keep your eyes peeled on elements such as title tags, meta description tags, directory, page names, navigation and the sitemap.
  3. Build a network of quality inbound links to your B2B Website from reputable and industry relevant external Web sites.

Ensure a Strong Social Media Presence

Now more than ever it’s essential to have a strong position on as many social media platforms, even as a B2B company. Long gone are the days where only B2C companies had to be relevant on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin.

There are several techniques to help you drive even more results from this such as micro-blogging, creating and joining user forums, holding Q&A sessions, and conducting polls/surveys.

Convert Your Traffic

Now that you have all that traffic, the next you have to do is to convert those leads into actual sales. This is where all the data hoarding shows its real value. Communicate with your sales team as much data about your customers and niche down a profile. Target that profile with email campaigns, newsletters, webinars and try to personalize as much as possible the approach, don’t just be a generic spam marketer.

If you ever want to improve your leads and wish to know more about inbound marketing techniques and tips be sure to contact us!

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