3 Reasons You Should Use Online Surveys

8 Jul

3 Reasons You Should Use Online Surveys

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If we could read our clients minds, our lives would be much simpler. We would offer them exactly what they want all the time. Unfortunately this is impossible, but there are some readily available online tools to use in order to find more about clients or customers, their wishes and the level of satisfaction regarding the services they receive.

However, most don’t see the advantages of online surveys and tend not to use them as often as it should. A survey is a simple and inexpensive method to learn valuable things about the list of clients or subscribers that you have in your current database.

Assuming you already have a database with your clients and prospects, anyone can conduct a customer survey in a short time.

Here are three great reasons to survey your clients:

1. Get feedback

In case you have a certain problem or a question, a survey will give you the possibility to get an answer. You can encourage them to give you some input on the services you offer to them. For example, if you are an IT company and you build software applications for your customers, ask them how easy it is for them to use the application, if they feel they need training, what modules they use most often or not at all, and so on. Their feedback will be valuable to your company.

2. Find out more about your clients and prospects

A survey is also a good opportunity to find more information about your clients or the list of subscribers that you have. Think carefully, what information would you like to have in order to serve your market better?  Ask well and always think what benefit would it bring both for you and your clients and potential clients, and you will end up with a win-win situation: your marketing goals achieved and happy customers.

3. Draw their attention

You can use a survey to see what you can do better and get their attention. Your emailing lists seem disinterested in your newsletter? Does not reply to promotional campaigns? Do a little research, ask them directly and this will help you make a decision about what you need to do next to fix things.

A lot can be gained from a simple survey, without wasting too much time or money. Have you ever sent your clients or subscribers a survey? Tell us your online surveys experiences.

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