7 Essential How To’s in Telemarketing

7 Mar

7 Essential How To’s in Telemarketing

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From working on hundreds of campaigns for our clients, we’ve noticed that most of them see telemarketing as an isolated activity. However, to deliver results, telemarketing is much more effective if it’s closely integrated with related activities. Maximum benefits must be extracted from the best point about telemarketing - that you can speak directly with the targeted prospects, deliver the message straight to them, be certain that the message got there and receive (and take note of) that most important direct feedback.

For B2B marketers, a live telephone conversation is one of the most effective marketing tools. Telemarketing is one of the best ways to generate interest from leads, advance sales and gain valuable information. Here it is our list of tips on how to make it most effective:

1. Make sure your data is up to date

It is obvious, but worth saying, that having an inaccurate list of prospects it’s just a huge waste of time and money. Data changes regularly, so you’ll have to update it at least twice a year.

2. Engage with your prospects on several media networks

As I mentioned before, a telemarketing campaign should not be run on its own. If the list of prospects is ready, try to approach them on several communication channels. You can inform your possible buyers about your products or services using social media channels, direct mailing, online ads or the company website. In this way, when the prospect is called, chances are he will already know something about you.

3.  Choose the right approach

You sales team should not be tied to a very strict script. Meaningful conversations happen between humans and not robots.  Give your callers plenty of time to research, rehearse and understand your requirements; more leads will come from constructive and fluid conversations.

4.  Don’t forget to follow up

There are prospects that need more convincing and might require additional information or they are too busy at that moment that need to be called in another day or at a different hour. So, whether it’s about making an appointment, sending an email with information about the product or service or calling again, it’s very important to keep your word and deliver.

5. Make it a dialogue, not a monologue

A key part of the call is engaging both interlocutors in the conversation. Asking intelligent and open question will definitely lead prospects to consider about the offer. Talk more about the benefits; it will encourage them to ask questions too.

6. Choose the right team

One of the biggest mistakes, often done in practice, is to allocate the telemarketing tasks to other employees that have additional responsibilities. Making a telemarketing call in their spare time will not bring in the results. Hire a team dedicated exclusively to this role.

7. Evaluate once in a while

So what if the campaign started? Don’t wait until the end of it to find out the results. There is a chance that things aren’t working as planned. In this case, there is no point in continuing with the same plan. You can make strategic changes on the way in order to achieve the desired objectives.

Meaningful communication with the prospects is the backbone of marketing and sales. There are many new, different and wonderful ways to engage with prospects: social media, SEO, email marketing to name just a few. Nevertheless, telemarketing still remains a powerful lead generation tool.  A live two way direct telephone conversation has its unique benefits, surpassed maybe only by sharing a cup of coffee. What do you think?

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