How to Optimize Your B2B Email Campaigns

13 Jun

How to Optimize Your B2B Email Campaigns

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When used intelligently, email campaigns are a useful tool to catch your audience’s attention, generate new sales, increase your order volumes, and build your brand. While email itself is a relatively “old-school” marketing procedure, that doesn’t mean your approach to it has to be the same. In the B2B email marketing industry, many cutting-edge technological developments are transforming the way that marketers approach email.

There is no secret that many technology enterprises spend a lot of time and money on email marketing, but sadly they don't get the business results they’re hoping for. So where do they go wrong? We’ve compiled a series of email marketing tips that might include the solutions these enterprises might be looking for.

Focus on the Subject Line

Unlike in B2C, B2B marketers expect to receive marketing messages that are timely, precise, well targeted, and relevant to their needs and requirements. The subject line is the most crucial component of any email, especially if you're sending cold sales emails. To have the best open rate possible keep your subject line pertinent, intriguing, and most important, keep it short.

Call-to-action subject lines might be a good strategy to try on, but the most effective way to identify which option will get the best response is by performing A/B testing. When you're writing a subject line, keep in mind that your readership receives hundreds of emails a day, and they don’t have much reading time.

Take Advantage of Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

By integrating CRM technology, companies can personalize each connection, get to know names and shopping habits, and even anticipate customer interests. CRM turns every marketing interaction into something directly applicable to the needs of each recipient. It’s not just about understanding your audience anymore, but it’s also about finding the best way to use technology to facilitate your marketing and sales goals.

CRM technology can also be useful when used in conjunction with automation, as it offers the support that marketers need when they're trying to nurture a contact towards their sales funnel. This improves the chances of a successful campaign.

Embrace Marketing Automation

Without a lead process, marketing automation is just like driving without a map in the hopes of getting to the right place. Planning an optimized automated lead nurturing campaign takes skill, but once you get to know the basics, it’s not that hard. Marketing automation enables you to deliver the right message to the proper public at the right time, auto-respond to reach out to subscribers or potential customers,  track the open rate and more. To take full advantage of the automation software, it’s important to understand your prospects’ buying cycle and deliver content that fits their current needs.

Target Your Audience

Since your recipients aren't all the same, a one-size-fits-all strategy won’t do. Audience segmentation allows you to select groups from your subscriber data and send them specific campaigns. For example, instead of sending an email to your entire database, you can use audience segmentation to filter your audience by gender, age, location, and even customer engagement.

Retargeting your audience, on the other hand, is different from other methods of online advertising because it enables you to target only the people who had been in contact with your website or social media channels. Because it’s targeting a more engaged group of people, the results are often much better than when using other forms of advertising.

Optimize Your Email Campaigns for Mobile

In regard to opening and engaging with marketing emails, more and more consumers are making the switch from desktops to mobile devices. More than 40% of emails are opened on smart devices. To be sure that your emails are mobile friendly, pay attention to the first few words in the subject line.  Also, utilize responsive designs so that your emails look great on desktops and mobile devices alike. Last but not least, test your emails across different devices and browsers to ensure they perform correctly for all of your mobile users.


Although, marketers continue to leverage B2B email marketing to reach and engage their target audience, standing out in a cluttered inbox continues to be a challenge. We hope this article will provide you with the solution you’ve been looking for on how to optimize your email marketing efforts for more opens and clicks. If you need help, feel free to get in touch with us!

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