Post Webinar Article - How Outsourcing Will Change Now That We Work From Home?

22 Apr

Post Webinar Article - How Outsourcing Will Change Now That We Work From Home?

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B2B Growth webinar series is a platform in which we can build a community, we can talk about ways to learn, become better, and assure your business continuity after the current crisis. Through these webinars, we want to address a simple yet complex question: Are you surviving, adapting, or growing during the crisis? .

The fifth webinar was a collaboration between NNC Services and Apeak Solutions. Ken Smith, the VP of Digital Marketing at Apeak Solutions, Greg Corson, Managing Partner at Apeak Solutions, and Loredana Niculae, the Founder of NNC Services, offered support from their business experience to the attendees. 

To have a general idea, they talked about how outsourcing can be a solution for your strugglings in the business situation that we find ourselves now.

In this webinar, the hosts answered the question like: 

  • "How Outsourcing Will Change Now That We Work From Home?". 
  • "Is COVID-19 crisis affecting service delivery?" 
  • "How can outsourcing help companies shift to survive?" 
  • "Will the outcome of COVID increase or reduce outsourcing?"

Register to the next webinar, and let's find together ways to get qualified leads even in a business crisis and assure, in this way, your business continuity.


Please enjoy the full webinar recording:


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