COVID-19:The Impact on global industries and Implications for business

24 Mar

COVID-19:The Impact on global industries and Implications for business

By crisis management, Business continuity

With the newly quarantine measures and restrictions, consumer’s behavior has changed completely. A shift in approaching customers has also occurred for businesses in most of the industries, addressing their new needs through online solutions. The increased demand for online services and products brings along new growth and business opportunities for companies that are expanding their online presence or just starting to digitize their business.

Some industries are already hit by Coronavirus pandemic, but some sectors will likely remain recension proof:

Impacted industries by covid

In these critical circumstances created by Coronavirus, ensuring business continuity is on every company’s daily agenda. In order for us to truly provide value to our clients, we want to respond quickly to the challenges they face during this period.

  • How much is your business affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and the restrictions from the authorities?
  • How much is your marketing and sales activity affected in this context?
  • Will your marketing and sales strategy for this year change in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak?

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