Email Marketing Tips & Tricks

17 Jul

Email Marketing Tips & Tricks

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An Email Marketing Campaign is a suite of emails meant to communicate with your subscribers and potential customers. As an essential part of Inbound Marketing, Email Campaigns engage the clients with company’s activity and products. Periodically messages on certain topics, sent at the right time, catch the audience’s attention, and transform people from simple readers to buyers.

Before creating an Email Marketing Campaign, ask yourself the following “W questions”:

  • Why, to whom, what and when to write?
  • What is the purpose of the email?
  • Will the subscribers accept the challenge and enter the game?
  • Will they like the messages, business products or services?

Email Marketing done right, in a professional manner could increase your sales better than Social Media or other channels. Understand the facts and figures by checking out the Marketing Statistics for 2018 provided by Hubspot, which offer a valuable overview of the Online Marketing Environment.

As a Marketer or Business Owner, you should keep in mind the next aspects when setting up an emailing campaign: the target audience, the content, context, the design, and timing.

Read below a few tips and tricks which will help you understand better the process of creating an email campaign, as well as some important details which could make all the difference in the impact:

  1. Understand your Audience

If you have a very long list of email addresses, you could risk sending inappropriate messages to some of the subscribers. A useful method is to segment your email list according to: age, gender, location, occupation. Then send separate emails about the same product, but written for different buyer personas. Check out MailChimp’s segmentation criteria.

  1. Write Short and concise Emails

Short is more than recommended. Who likes to receive spam email long letters, with an unclear message that just overloads the inbox? Short means an email which contains addressing formula, body text, link to a landing page, image & design, and closing formula.

      3. Personalize Your Email

Add a picture to the email, your data and business contact details. Also if the platform you are using gives you the possibility, address with “ Dear Alex” and end with “Have an inspiring day”. Too friendly is risky, personalized is better. The person must get a friendly tone of voice, but don’t risk to sound frivolous, too direct or disrespectful.   

      4. Insert Incentives in the Subject Line

The subject line of the email determines its faith: trash or read. If you talk to a new email owner, then start easy with casual general emails about your company and products. Later on send emails with offers, demos, free shipping, attractive incentives etc. Don’t try to invade the person’s private space, just enter there easily and create a relationship with the reader.

       5. Schedule your Emails in the Morning

Statistics say that unsubscribes happen from 5 to 10 PM. After work people are more likely to read relaxing emails or informative ones. You don’t have to become intrusive, so send your emails in the morning when people or businesses are active or productive, so they can process your information.

        6. Think Mobile

In 2017, there were 4.92 billion global mobile users and 48% of emails were open on a smartphone. So, be sure that your emails are mobile friendly and the message, website and landing pages fit both desktop and phones.

         7.  A/B Test your Email Campaign

A/B Testing will estimate the impact of your email’s format, subject line or call to action. Understand what works and what doesn’t, and improve your emails daily. Neil Patel, the New York Times bestselling author, describes here what to test, how and what platforms to use.

         8. Pair your Email with a Landing Page

An email should have at least a link that leads the subscriber to a landing page. Maybe you want to offer an ebook, or a webinar or maybe you want to send people to check your latest offers.

         9. Keep your Email List Clean

Filter your audience. Erase the addresses of the people who hadn’t open your emails at all. So, your open rate will look more accurate and you will not disturb your less engaged users.

10. Apply the Logo on the Left Side of the Page

And finally a design trick: place your logo in the upper-left section of the email. We read from left to right, and the first thing a subscriber sees has the bigger impact in his visual memory.

Final thoughts

Yes, an emailing campaign may seem to be an easy game to play. Yet with attention and perseverance, the game becomes interactive and useful for your subscribers too. Try to engage them with authentic content and invite them to interact with you in a smart way, by offering valuable information, carefully sent. Also, keep an eye on our expertise in Outbound Marketing.

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