Drip Marketing and Its Magic Wand

4 Jul

Drip Marketing and Its Magic Wand

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Imagine Drip Marketing as a wizard who drops periodic emails with the right message to the right person at the right time. As part of the big picture called marketing automation, drip email marketing offers a different, more efficient perspective, from classic, manually written emails.

Considering the fact that marketers cannot hand-hold all the customers while they are testing or purchasing the product, drip marketing campaigns bring the magic solution by dropping emails with different topics, depending on the various stages of the buyer’s journey. The concept also applies to direct mailing and telemarketing, but email remains at the top of the preferences because it is more cost-effective.

Drip marketing campaigns which constantly nurtures leads are able to generate more sales and considerably increase the purchases. According to a study on email marketing in 2018, email is the third most powerful communication tool and 86% of business professionals use email when sharing business information to their audiences.

How does it work? There are a few steps to follow, in order to efficiently reach the audience you are targeting. First, consider the marketing purposes of your company and how drip marketing could help you reach potential customers. Everything starts with setting goals and a strategy.

Start with a Plan

Which are the purchase steps a person could take when first discovering your website or when first subscribing to your newsletter? How many emails do you plan to send, when, and in which order? What are your online marketing objectives?

A plan helps you see the big picture and understand the best topics to address in your future emails. Drip marketing campaigns, Marketing Strategy and Email Marketing are the key points in transforming your website visitors into real customers.

Build a Strong Message

Create an editorial plan and a storyboard. People don’t like to receive generic or spam emails, yet if they receive the information they need about your service or products, they might visit your website again.

What and how you communicate with your audience is very important. The emails should be written in a friendly manner, not too personal and not too rigid. The recommended number of email messages is 6: 1 introduction, 3 informative, 1 about your company, 1 with conclusions.  

Campaign Kick-Off

Implement your drip marketing campaign with custom software and send your emails in minutes. Remember to:

  • Choose names that are easy to follow
  • Use tags for information about geography, language, links, products
  • Consider the sales cycle, make pauses between the drips
  • Provide relevant subject lines
  • Pay attention to the tone of voice and words

Follow the Campaign’s Efficiency

After launching it, follow and evaluate the areas where improvements are needed. The email drip campaign works automatically, but don’t let it unsupervised and rewrite your headlines and call to actions if you don’t get the click-through rate or engaged traffic you have expected.  Maybe your sales objectives or conversion rates are far from being achieved, yet it is important to keep a constant effort to build your target audience’s trust.

Results and Conclusions

It’s time to evaluate your drip marketing campaign. Check the following items and assess the results:

  • Leads moving through the sales funnel
  • Traffic and CTR
  • Website visits from the campaign, average duration of each visit
  • Which content attracted particular tag recipients
  • Submission rates

Depending on the numbers and results you get, you can optimize your future campaigns, messages and implementation of objectives.

Best Platforms

Regarding the best platforms for B2B Marketing Automation, HubSpot and Pardot are strong implementation tools for email marketing. HubSpot has customized options for email Marketing, and Marketing Automation.

Pardot enables to view the big picture by differentiating temporary visitors from potential ones. Also it tracks all aspects regarding of what works and what should be modified. Regarding email marketing, Pardot personalizes the email templates with advanced data for better visibility.

In conclusion, if you wish to see some magic working with your email campaigns, or if you want to become a marketing wizard, implement Drip Email Marketing and use the platform that bests suits your business needs. You can do it by yourself, or you can reach out to us to help you with the strategy, messages, tools and any other tricks that will turn your leads into customers!


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