4 tactics that can boost your B2B lead generation efforts during crisis

16 Apr

4 tactics that can boost your B2B lead generation efforts during crisis

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A research from HubSpot shows that 61% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge. To have a significant impact, B2B lead generation activities must be constant and remain one of the top priorities for those who seek to have a continuous flow of qualified leads. 

Since the world is continuously changing, and individuals are acquiring new habits, it is becoming more challenging for B2B marketers who wish to build a strong sales pipeline for their business. In the search for the best lead generation tactics, they now have to find new ways to acquire leads. We have put together a few such tactics that will enable the potential of your lead generation efforts, as follows. 

1. Build personal bonds with your prospects

Right now, everyone is seeking guidance from marketers to consumers. To be of real value for the society and the business community, you can focus on identifying the challenges that customers are facing during this crisis. To do that, you have to start asking questions and give a second listen to the voice of your audience.  

When approaching your prospects, your communication should take into consideration the sensitivity of the situation, which means that you have to let kindness and empathy speak for you. This way, you will be able to get personal to your prospects without giving the impression that the conversation is just a sales opportunity. 

If you want to nourish a personal bond with them and to stand out, your business has to put effort into personalization; your prospects will be engaged in a conversation that answers to their most urgent questions and worries. Since face to face meetings are off the discussion at the moment, such insights can be discussed via email, phone, or video calls. 

A more interactive example is to organize webinars where you can get valuable insights from more prospects or customers at once. Webinars give you the occasion to offer real-time advices and educate customers, as well as to activate B2B lead generation strategies that can later bring you new opportunities. 

2. Design a lead generation strategy based on relevant content

  • Keep on generating content that awakens the interest of leads

If by now, quality content was a must for B2B lead generation, the current situation performs as a challenge that marketers have to overcome by increasing their efforts to generate even better content. In a recent article, we also opened a discussion on how to improve the digital marketing strategy through content

Search engines will reward businesses that focus their attention on quality content that is more useful than ever for their audience. Think about sharing content materials such as presentations, whitepapers, case studies, videos that give a spark to your offerings. Remember always to keep your content clean and straightforward, and the search engines will become your best friend. 

  • Consider working on a business Newsletter 

While 72% of U.S. adults would rather communicate with brands via email instead of using other marketing channels, it becomes critical for your business to grow visible with Newsletter campaigns. More than that, this is an essential strategy that can bring leads to your business. 

First of all, if you are looking to improve your Newsletter campaigns during these challenging times, you will have to rethink what you share with your audience. The main drive is to educate and engage your prospects about how they can find solutions for their challenges.

Also, you can send them updates from what has been happening lately within your business, or the industry to build trust and strengthen the hope that things will work again soon.

3. Focus on your company’s website

  • Ensure that you have a modern design

Your business right now needs to be visible for your prospects who are spending most of their time online. This entails that the website has to correlate with the user’s behaviour. So make sure that the user will quickly and easily find the information he is looking for.   

More importantly, remember that your website has to remain clear and clean when speaking about your business. While sometimes business cards might seem overrated, you will want to think twice about that, since right now, your website becomes your digital business card.

  • Run a complete SEO audit

Once your website has an updated interface, you will want to have an analysis on what works and what doesn’t within your website’s content, to finally align your website with the user intent. Our team is currently working on providing efficient free SEO consulting to help businesses better understand what is mandatory to improve on their websites.

But why does SEO matter for B2B lead generation?

To boost your business’ visibility, your website has to rank within the first few pages of the search engines’ results. This is where SEO comes in, since it will help grow organic traffic; therefore, more chances to gain a competitive advantage. 

Keep in mind that 59% of customers use to look for businesses monthly using Google, which means that you should be using SEO as a key tool for generating high quality leads. Finally, you will increase your chances of closing a new deal. 

4. Consider offering discounts for faster B2B lead generation campaigns

During your B2B lead generation journey, you will seek to be noticed, and what better way to attract the attention of your audience if not by offering discounts that are relevant in the existing context, for your potential customers. 

More than that, you can win their loyalty over other brands if your offers are good enough and if they can give them more comfort, especially now, since everyone is seeking for ways to feel more positive.

From this perspective, we should discuss referral programs too. 

During a crisis, current customers are the ones you should always focus on, besides your team and employees. Once your customers experienced satisfaction through your business, they will most likely share their thoughts about it. 

That’s when you have to analyze if those customers should be rewarded with offerings like discounts or other types of incentives. If the value pays off and the leads acquired by your referrals will be qualified as leads, then you can continue with the initial plan of rewarding your referrals.

Now more than ever, this kind of experience will encourage your customers to become loyal to your brand, since they are looking for human understanding and the benefit of long-lasting commitment. 

Final thoughts

History has seen many economic crises and businesses that first thing first cut their marketing budget. In the current pandemic outbreak communication has become even more critical for B2B lead generation. Therefore, businesses have to support their growth efforts with a vigorous drive towards relationship-based strategies.

If you are looking for more ways to upscale your business through long-lasting business relationships, get in touch with us and together we will find the most efficient strategies to do that! Please join also our business community groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, where you can share your experiences and challenges with other businesses alike.


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