Which Paid Advertising platform works best for your B2B business?

10 May

Which Paid Advertising platform works best for your B2B business?

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In the context of last year’s changes concerning data privacy (GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act), online data collection has an altered growth. These data protection regulation had a massive impact on marketing activities as well. B2B marketers can't use anymore personal details to run targeted campaigns, and that might have affected many tech businesses.

However paid advertising has been a hero in this situation. You can create targeted campaigns without personal info and without breaking the law. Isn't it amazing? Keep reading to find out how can you use paid advertising to drive sales and business awareness.

Google Ads Campaigns fit every kind of company

The marketing world is constantly changing the rules in the online and Google Ads is one of the platforms responsible for it. Their advertising system can be used by any company, knowing their potential to reach a large number of people within their target audience. They have maximized the efficiency of their campaigns by letting you customize the ads through many options. There are three types of marketing

objectives that you can reach through paid B2B advertising on Google Ads: build awareness, influence consideration and drive action.

But why invest in paid ads on Google? Here are only a few reasons:

  • It is shown that businesses which invest in Google Ads get to double their investment, and the main reason for that is the fact that Google owns 71% of the search market share, so your ad has large visibility.
  • It is very flexible and suitable for every size and domain of any company, and it is compatible with other marketing tools and software. You can easily track your campaign by downloading the data in Google Sheets to have a better understanding of the progress.
  • The results are delivered fast, they are transparent, and the data from the reports is easy to understand, where they include information regarding the ads clicked, the keywords searched and the detailed costs.
  • Google Ads allows you to focus only on people that are interested in what are you offering, based on their searches. Their keyword planner has improved until the point it is finding new keywords automatically and all you need to do is insert words, phrases or a link to your business.

Paid B2B advertising for Social Media

Promoted campaigns on LinkedIn

In B2B businesses, audiences aren't typically hanging out on platforms like Facebook or Instagram - instead, they’re on LinkedIn.
The platform is rated as the best you can choose for your B2B marketing strategy, considering that 92 percent of B2B marketers choose this platform over all other social platforms. The customization of the audience is focused on professional criteria like job position and experience.

The LinkedIn Sponsored Content and LinkedIn Video ads can be displayed right in the LinkedIn feed, so they look more natural. You can integrate LinkedIn ads into your B2B marketing strategy in order to reach these objectives: building awareness for the brand, driving traffic on the website and generating leads and converting prospects.

The cost per click for LinkedIn may be higher than other social platforms, but, as shown in this article, it has the ability to attract the right people within the business area because of its specific features. The platform doesn’t charge interactions with a sponsored post, so it proves to be cost-efficient at the end of the day.

B2B Businesses can Get Value from YouTube

One big advance in managing a paid B2B advertising campaign on YouTube is offering marketers an affordable choice to TV ads. According to Google, people who watch YouTube ads until the end are 23 times more likely to show interest in that brand.
There are several video ad varieties that are available for advertising and depending on their overall marketing strategy, businesses can choose one or another. The business objectives that fit best for promotions on YouTube are: increasing website traffic, building brand awareness and attracting new viewers and subscribers.
Custom Intent is a YouTube product that works great for B2B marketing strategies. It targets users who are searching for a product on Google. According to a report by the Aberdeen Group, companies that utilize video in their B2B marketing strategies grow their revenue 49% faster each new year. This includes both B2C and B2B companies.

B2B marketing strategies for Twitter

Similar to LinkedIn, Twitter has many available options for advertising campaign types: Tweet Engagement, Gain Followers, Increase Brand Awareness, Videos View and App Installs.

Twitter internal data shows B2B audiences are more likely to engage after repeated exposure to an ad. “Someone who has seen a business’s message four times is 335% more likely to click on a link in a Tweet by that business than someone who has only been exposed to the message once.”
With the keyword and interest targeting options in Twitter Ads, there are very niche audiences that can be reached, with valuable insights. The pricing for ads relies on the campaign objective that is opted for and it can vary depending on few factors: how engaging the ad is, the size of the targeted audience, how many other advertisers are also targeting that particular audience and the value of the bid.

Final Thoughts

Paid b2b advertising represents a big potential for B2B businesses to expand their client portfolio and grow their company. However, B2B marketing strategies are experiencing a massive transformation which significantly improves the performance and the efficiency of ad budgets. At the end of the day, B2B marketers should try several social media channels to learn which one suits their business model best in order to build a strong online presence.

Are you considering using paid advertising in your strategy? We can focus on that, while you take care of your business development. Get in touch for more details.

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