IT Outsourcing – How to get clients?

9 Oct

IT Outsourcing – How to get clients?

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Many people ask themselves how to be successful when establishing a new business. And by this I mean how to have many satisfied clients. In the 3.0 marketing era, in order to have success, it is essential to address to people’s needs or fears when launching a new product or service. Especially in the situation when you don’t come up with something brand new, you should promote your business to the audience in reply to their fears and business objectives.

Getting new clients when you are an IT outsourcing company is never easy, just because there are a lot of other companies providing these kinds of services. The ideal situation would be to start with the ideal customer in mind. The solutions you offer have to be in response to his needs. However, this does not mean that the clients will come to you immediately so you’d better have a plan to get them to you.

Hence, here are some tips to consider for every IT provider looking entering the outsourcing market.

  • Ask for objective analyst opinions. Advice from industry analysts with experience in the outsourcing industry and managed solutions companies are extremely valuable. It is important to try to schedule meetings with them or attend conferences where they speak to benefit from their experience regarding client experience, vision and even marketing strategy.
  • Attend industry forums. These are a good method to find out the challenges, success stories and achievements other outsourcing companies dealt with in time. The interactive format supports business prospects to find answers to their specific questions and encourages creating new partnerships.  
  • Leverage the media. Media is extremely powerful and influential for educating potential clients about outsourcing trends and solutions. Contributing to publications that feature customer case studies is a good starting point. Also, quoting industry experts, publishing opinion articles authored by outsourcing company experts or guest blogging are some other techniques that might help in this situation.
  • Evaluate your partnership strategy. Partners are also extremely important for a new outsourcing company. SMBs are usually attracted to the large outsourcing companies’ expertise. Hence, when targeting this category, a partnership strategy helps a lot the business. 

It might seem a little hectic in the beginning, but in fact, it is really all about networking, talking about your business, making your voice known and your business popular. Of course you can do all the activities mentioned above by your own, but many companies are looking for expert consultancy. That is why a consulting marketing company is one of the best choices many said they did when starting on this road.

Are there any other tips you would recommend in the process of getting clients for outsourcing IT companies? Feel free to add your comments in the comments section below.  

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