Improve your Organizational Culture with These 5 Tips!

25 Oct

Improve your Organizational Culture with These 5 Tips!

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Improving your business’s organizational culture continuously is one of the most effective ways to attract top candidates. Furthermore, it will nurture your employer brand and remain competitive over other companies from a similar niche as yours. As stated by “The State of the American Workplace,engaged employees are significantly more productive, loyal and their work adds higher value to the company.  

An organization with a specific culture is more reliable to induct new employee’s and convert them into brand advocates as they understand your company’s goals and visions. Ensuring a stable and pleasing working environment takes time and practice, that’s why we gathered a few tips that will help improve your company culture right away!

Communication is Key, so Listen to Your Employees!

It has been proved that 75% of employees would stay longer at an organization that listens and addresses their concerns. Sadly, another 65% of employees declared they’re not encouraged to approach their manager with any type of issues. It seems like communication is a common struggle among many companies of different sizes and areas. Like always, the simple things turn out complicated, but what’s left to do in this situations? Listen to your employees, ask their opinions regarding work subjects and not only, make them feel like they are part of your company, share your visions, goals, even expectations. Communication is key, it really is!

Establish Channels for Employee Feedback

In order to improve and preserve your company’s culture, make sure you’re always visible, approachable and most likely open to feedback of any kind. As we mentioned, most employees want to be recognized by the company, in fact, 25% of millennials assumed that making a positive impact at their workspace is their primary career goal. As an employer, it’s in your powers to help them grow, and along with them, your company will also become way more valuable.

Having employee feedback channels such as employee surveys, interviews or focus group discussions will encourage your human resources to share their ideas, challenges, and expectations to you and vice-versa.

Build Brand Advocacy

There’s no better form of advertising than peer to peer recommendation. It has been confirmed that user-generated affection leads to a higher engagement than any marketing ad or campaign.

Building a strong relationship with your current employees and clients should be one of your company’s goals! Some employers might think that it takes to much time and resources but according to Deloitte, referred clients and applicants have a 37% higher retention rate. Keep in mind that organic advocacy is far more valuable than anything your brand can buy, so don’t try to push sales and let your supporters engage on their own.  

Stick to Your Core Values

Integrity is one of the most acknowledged qualities of a person, but it’s available for organizations too, especially when it comes to improving a company’s culture. If you’re used to committing promises to achieve your business objectives, keep in mind to stick to your company’s core values and demonstrate them whenever possible.

Be Transparent!

Transparency is often misunderstood by revealing the flaws of your company. Remaining open and informative regarding your business goals, performance and operations are between the most appreciated features by employees. Embracing transparency at work builds trust, engages workers and increases the retention percentage of your company. A recent study conducted by Hubspot concluded that 50% of employees say transparency has a significantly positive impact on their productivity and motivation, while 76% don’t trust employers who fail to share company data.

Final Thoughts

Improving your organizational culture is part of the entire plan of having a stable and nurturing employer brand. With so many competitive companies all around, more and more employers start to understand the benefits of assuring a pleasant working environment. Don’t hesitate to ask for our guidance regarding any employer branding challenges and feel free to share this article with your friends and acquaintances on social networks.

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