How to Define the Best Tech Startup Marketing Strategy in 2018

2 Feb

How to Define the Best Tech Startup Marketing Strategy in 2018

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The main goal of every B2B Tech startup is to achieve growth. Having a great product or service is essential for growth, but it won’t be enough. Your business also needs an effective marketing strategy, one that will show the strengths of your product or service to the right clients and investors. Defining the best strategy might be hard at this point so here are some directions that you might find useful when planning.

Define Your Marketing Objectives

Clear objectives are the foundation of every strategy, and you need to express these goals in numbers. If you have a field service management software, for example, how many clients do you need initially and how many do you need to attract afterward, so that you meet your revenue goals?

Define Your Unique Selling Proposition

It is very important to state how your field service management software is different from others on the market. Why would anyone trust you as a partner to help them manage my field team? You need to define what differentiates you from the similar businesses out there, and to create your Unique Selling Proposition.

Analyze Your Competition

You can market only after you have deeply understood how your competition works. A competitive analysis could help you identify your direct and indirect competitors, analyze their products or services, the way they promote them and their content strategy. You can also perform a SWOT analysis and see how you can use your strengths to compensate for your weaknesses.

Position Your Business Correctly on the Market

There may be thousands of field service management software providers on the market, so find the areas in which the companies could use your software most. And see what types of companies could be interested in it. Create buyer persona profiles and design your buyer's journey, so you can understand better how to reach your clients.

Incorporate the 5Ps of Your Marketing Mix

Product & Place

It’s time to layout your product and services portfolio so keep in mind your strengths to present your product or services like they are the best solution that fulfills your client’s needs. How will they be able to buy your product or services? Establish how the transaction will take place and what your refund/return policy will be.

Price & Promotion

You can now set a price for your field service management software. Is everything included in this price or are there different services that cost extra, depending on your client’s choices? Also, you could use incentives or coupons to attract more customers.


Who are the people in charge of your business? Make sure that the efforts of your sales team are aligned with the ones of the marketing team and that their level of training is enough for your business’ growth.

Define Your Marketing Plan

Be specific with each of your team member’s responsibilities, create action calendars and budgets. Which tactics and marketing collaterals will you include in your plan? Case studies and testimonials make you trustful, and demo videos could be powerful in convincing your prospects that your software is the one they are looking for.

Measure and Update

Finally, set your KPIs and milestones, measure weekly and update your B2B marketing tech strategy and plan each time you find it necessary. You can use different measurement methods, like Analytics and B2B dashboards.

Is your marketing strategy for 2018 ready yet? If you could use some more help in defining it, get in touch with us, we can assist you!

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