How to build your IT Company Digital Brand

28 Aug

How to build your IT Company Digital Brand

By B2B Marketing, content marketing

What is Digital Branding? It means communicating about a company’s uniqueness, values and services on digital channels, and attracting customers online through digital marketing levers: SEO, PPC, social media channels, influencers, content marketing and online advertising.

Digital branding statistics say:

  • Google display campaigns reach 80% of global internet users;
  • Desktop and mobile ads deliver branding effectiveness but mobile ads perform better;
  • 86% of consumers prefer more authentic and honest brand personality.

IT companies should master Digital Branding, given that their activity happens mostly online. A professional and well-built digital marketing strategy should help them connect with their customers, increase brand visibility and bring more profitability.  An IT company must create a digital experience for its clients through captivating content, creative campaigns, and efficient implementation.

The benefits of Digital Branding are:

  • More authenticity for your company
  • Visibility on a multitude of online channels
  • Differentiation from the competition
  • Better interaction with your customers
  • Builds successful stories

So, as an IT company, what should you do to boost your Digital Brand?

Create a digital brand identity

Imagine that your service or product has an identity which leaves an impression. It could be a character, a person or just an idea. The purpose of creating a brand identity is to help your customers reference to a realistic concept. It will be easier to relate to and recognize your brand. 

The way to create the best identity for your company is to envision the type of business person that could be interested in your services. Then, imagine a tone of voice and how the persona would speak and engage with your online customers.

Use digital channels

If you want to become a real digital brand, your company has to be present on a multitude of online platforms, with a reliable digital marketing strategy for:

  • Social media channels
  • Website, Google Ads, and SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Paid online advertising
  • PPC campaigns

Create and implement a digital marketing strategy

Multi-channel marketing requires a strategy. Where, when, how and what to communicate for your brand is very important. To become a digital brand, your company must act digitally. Another important aspect is to set up a budget for online advertising and channels, KPIs and some mid and long-term objectives for every social channel.

Communicate your brand at a human level

Even tech brands need to communicate effectively with their customers. Digital branding means creating a client-brand connection through online channels. Because the number of mobile users is forecast to reach 4.68 Billion in 2019, the digital business experience tends to become more and more personal. Communicating key indicators and messages on a more human level, with a friendlier tone of voice, and using branding characters, will enhance the quality of interaction with your product and service.

Maintain and Monitor your digital brand

Your digital brand must also bring results in your reports. A constant effort in marketing investments will raise your brand awareness in the medium and long-term. The distribution channels offer various types of reporting, which will tell the truth in numbers of how your campaigns are working. Consider measuring your digital brand’s impact with specific tools in Google Analytics, Social Media Reporting.

Final Thoughts

Digital branding, the future of branding, is already here. If your company is not present or active in the online environment, it could face a lack of credibility or it could hardly reach potential buyers and existing customers. Also, there are specific tools specially built to create and deliver social media and email marketing campaigns, as well as content strategies. These are marketing automation tools, and they facilitate the process of interacting with your target audience. For more details, ask our marketing specialists.



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