The rise and rise of DIY and social media

30 Apr

The rise and rise of DIY and social media

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The “do-it-yourself” (DIY) has become a growing trend in the last few years. People want to save money and to do things themselves, gaining a self-efficiency feeling that most of us seem to lack nowadays. This growth is mostly due to the rise of social media. People have become more and more resourceful when it comes to DIY projects because now you can find on the web any resource you need and, more important, relevant advice.

For a DIY business, integrating social media in their marketing strategy has become crucial. You cannot afford not to do it anymore, no matter how big or small your business is. The important part is to choose the appropriate channels for your company’s needs and focus your best efforts there.

The most prominent reasons for you to be present for your targeted audience are building awareness, responding to customer questions and networking.

One of the most important social media platforms where you should absolutely be present as a DIY company is Pinterest. It has become tremendously popular in a relatively short period of time, especially for people preoccupied with DIY projects. Pinterest has a special category called “DIY and Crafts” where people can find inspiration and can exchange ideas, instructions and images for their projects. With Pinterest you can search for whatever project or task that you are trying to complete and there might be someone else that has posted their instructions or found instructions somewhere else on the web and pinned.

Consider the extremely high conversion rates of Pinterest and put efforts into your boards, related to the sector in which you operate.

Social media also brings to the table the element of interactivity, very important for the DIY companies. You want your customers to exchange tips and tricks about your products – it’s a good way to become viral. A strong presence on social media networks will bring your audience together and they will be able to share common interests, while making your company more visible.

A good strategy for a DIY company should also involve audio and visual coaching. For this step, you must integrate Youtube into your online marketing plan. Search results for “DIY” return over 1.5 million video results, giving consumers guidance on everything you could think of. You can create your own branded Youtube channel, offering advice to your subscribers and showing them exactly how they could use your products.

Blogs are an important part of any company’s marketing strategy, especially in the case of DIY companies. It’s a popular source for DIY companies to showcase their projects and instruct followers on how they can do them as well. It’s a great way to keep your audience close and it gives you the chance to have a better understanding of their needs.

Social channels give you the chance to position your brand as an educator and thought leader in your industry, thus leading to increased brand awareness and drive sales. It also allows you to showcase products in a not-so-pushy way.

One other important benefit of using social media comes when we’re talking about customer care. Many people prefer social customer care to contacting a company by email or phone, therefore, social media has also become a tool for customer service. This is particularly important for DIY companies that thrive from keeping their customers close, involved and asking for advice.

Make the most out of your social media presence by offering great customer care. Be responsive online, be helpful and dedicate your time to offer resources to your audience in order to increase loyalty.

What do you think are the best social media channels for the DIY industry? What worked best for you? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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