Startup Marketing to Kickstart your Business in 2019

17 Jan

Startup Marketing to Kickstart your Business in 2019

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Building a Startup is a challenge. The moment when the new business is launched on the market is full of enthusiasm specific to a man who wants to change the world. Certainly, your new product will bring value and will innovate the market, yet the first condition is that your mission is understood, and your voice is heard.

In the first months of your startup, you may experience the frustration of needing the best results with limited efforts. Success cannot be built overnight, and that’s the main reason why you must invest energy and efforts in a Startup Marketing strategy.

But what is Startup Marketing anyway?

Startup Marketing is a mix of online and offline marketing techniques meant to raise awareness, capture new leads and nurture the relationship with potential clients. The purposes of marketing actions are to propel the startup’s image, build a reliable brand, and make consumers have trust in the new products and services. Before start your promotion and communication strategy, it is essential to establish some ground marketing rules to have your bases covered.

Define your Target Market

Every product has its specific market, which means a group of people or businesses that need what you sell. Define your target market by age, location, income, and lifestyle. After you decide your focus and your consumers, it is easier to create and direct clear marketing initiatives. In the beginning, before an official release, you will need a period of testing to discover what are the weaknesses and strengths of your startup.

Define your Budget

Your marketing budget is an essential part of the marketing plan. Choose a template, make a plan and avoid unnecessary expenses. You can create an overall budget and separate social media budgets, your website’s budget or even an event planner. Depending on your business’ objectives, your spendings proportions could be:

  • Campaign planning and content creation 40-50%
  • Paid advertising 20-30%
  • Workforce marketing – 10%
  • Marketing tools and events planning  – 20%

Define your Unique Selling Proposition

Your startups’ story matters and you must define what makes your business unique. Effective selling and promotion rely on your Unique Selling Proposition. Defining your USPs requires creativity and branding specialists who will soul-search your business, and will analyze other competitors’ statements, values, core beliefs. After this process, they will create your USP.

Define your KPIs

Of course, you heard about Key Performance Indicators, but don’t neglect them from a marketing point of view. Every marketing move you will make will be watching you in the future. I mean, the sooner you set performance indicators, the better you can monitor your marketing actions, and take better decisions.

Now it’s time to find out which are the online marketing tactics for a Successful Startup.

Inbound Marketing

If you create and set an inbound marketing strategy, you will have a successful communication for your startup. This means specific content for your blog, email marketing campaigns, and social campaigns. Your purpose is to educate your customers and offer a valuable piece of reading that doesn't necessarily sound like advertising.

After you have attracted your potential clients on your website’s page, then you can nurture the relationship with smart website content, landing pages or discounts.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is an essential element of your marketing campaign, and you have to choose the most suitable channel for your startup. It is not necessary to write the same content on all the platforms but to direct the right messages on the right people. Each channel functions differently and has a different approach. For example, Facebook is appropriate for the existent fans, Instagram for businesses who exceptionally promote their service through photography, and Twitter for those who are very into clicking links.

Influencer Marketing

Make connections with public figures or authorities in the field you innovate in who can become real endorsers for your product or your service. When we talk about influencers, it’s not necessary to be only celebrities, but also specialists who can testify that your startup is valuable and genuinely innovative. Make a list of the most popular blogs, journalists and communities and start building relationships with new people.


Your startup has a story and a vision. If you are only a tech-savvy guy who has a great idea about a revolutionary app, then some marketing and branding specialists must create a story for you. Naturally, you have to identify your new-business with the story.  The idea is that your story should be the essence of what your brand is and its highest potential.

Media Action Plan

Success is determined by a series of smart steps, which taken accordingly, will lead your startup to the expected results. It is essential to define what do you have to say (based on your story), and then decide when you will say it and to whom. PR is not rocket science, but about right timing and spreading your brand’s story to the world.

Final Thoughts

Marketing and Advertising are multifunctional disciplines and require a blend of creativity and an analytic perspective. The success of a startup depends on the quality of the product, and the marketing steps and strategy. Make sure you team with specialists that can guide your efforts and optimize your costs in this crucial moment of your business. Get in touch with us today and our dedicated team will help you spread the word about your innovative Startup.

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