6 Steps to a Great Mobile App Roadmap

3 Jan

6 Steps to a Great Mobile App Roadmap

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US users spend up to 5 hours per day on mobile devices, a time that has increased 69 percent year-over-year, reported analytics firm Flurry. The number of app downloads jumped in 2017 to almost 200 billion and is forecast to rise to 352 billion by 2021. Since mobile traffic eclipsed desktop traffic, launching a mobile app on the market is essential for a greater customers’ experience journey and for your business’ growth.

The first step to your successful app, both for iOS and Android, is to create a mobile roadmap. For a more precise vision of what that means, we have made a list of 6 simple stages to include in your planning.

Marketing Strategy

At the core of your mobile app roadmap should be your Marketing Strategy. You have to define your goals and milestones, to know your competition and your customers’ profile. Questions like how you will acquire customers or how you will engage and retain them are fundamental.

You also need to price your products and to establish your promotion strategy: how you will monetize the app, which channels you’ll choose to market it on and how viral it should be. Your plan of activities has to include the pre-launch app, first 24-48 hours after launch, and post-launch.

Inbound and Content Strategy

The second step is to plan your Inbound and Content Strategy, and your keywords for this stage are PR, news, events, SEO & PPC, social campaigns and mobile ads.

Since video is the best content you can offer your users nowadays, integrate a Youtube channel in your strategy for Video Marketing or Vlogging.

Social Strategy

Talking about channels, besides Youtube, you don’t want to miss the classical Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which are perfect places to grow your online user communities.

Be consistent in your messages, choose an appropriate tone of voice and let the social word of mouth rock your campaigns.

Website - CMS, Mobile Responsive

Don’t forget about your website content, keep it simple, useful and friendly. Make sure it’s well optimised and responsive, and create user forums for community support purposes.

Content Management Systems help you organize and facilitate content creation, and SEO is the discipline that will get your content on the first SERP.

Marketing Automation

You also need a data collection plan, content curation, automatic information distribution and tool usage. Consider Hootsuite, Salesforce or Mailchimp keywords for your roadmap creation stage.

You can even track and report dashboards, which makes it simpler for you to implement your Social Strategy.

Track & Report

KPIs and milestones are also to track and report, as they will help you figure out program improvements.

Regardless of the way your mobile app roadmap looks like or how you chose to develop it, you can always keep up with the trends and change it, as a part of your post-launch process.

If you need a trustworthy partner to help you with your mobile app roadmap from the launching strategy up to promoting it among potential customers, get in touch with us! We provide cutting-edge expertise, as we have more than 10 years of activity in the B2B IT market.

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