Video Marketing: The Secret Strategy for Tech Companies

21 Feb

Video Marketing: The Secret Strategy for Tech Companies

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It’s already well known that video marketing represents a powerful tactic to reach the right audience, but creating useful and the right videos is often a challenge for B2B industries, of which is believed that has unattractive content to share and promote. But some companies prove this belief wrong by having compelling social media accounts, using B2B marketing at its finest.


Build your Video Marketing Strategy accordingly to your target audience

Having a strong online presence as a B2B company represents a challenge, but knowing your audience and what they enjoy the most is crucial to keep your business on top of the social media platforms. The first step in doing insightful content on social media platforms is good knowledge of the people who are following you, but most importantly, the people who need your products or services but haven’t hear about your company already.

Who are you trying to target, and what action do you want them to take?

Follow these steps to create a detailed buyer persona, and then you can quickly adapt your video strategy to what your main target audience presents the most interest. If you’re looking to reach a bigger audience, creating video content represents a key element to point your company towards higher engagement and sales from your customers. Recent data shows that 72% of people prefer to watch a video to learn about a new product or service. This being said, let’s explore how video marketing could benefit the growth strategy of your b2b company.


The video marketing strategy is more than just creating video content

Not that we know that by 2022, 82% of the global internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloads, it’s time for tech companies to incorporate video marketing into their B2B marketing strategies. We have access to lots of studies and statistics that makes us aware of the importance of video on sales and engagement. For example, in 2018, eight out of ten people purchased a piece of software or an app after watching videos from the brand.

Aside from the regular social media timeline where you post and share your content, you’ve already noticed that your competitors took a step ahead and started implementing video marketing. We want to make sure that there’s only a myth when people say tech industries can’t be creative. We have some good examples of B2B companies that nailed a great video marketing campaign, both on social media and their websites.

Video content is processed by the human brain much faster than written text, allowing businesses to create a stronger human connection with more people - potential customers. By doing so, it will ultimately lead to higher trust and sales.

Knowing this, tech companies could successfully use video to connect with their audience. Even more, knowing that your industry is not the most attractive for social media visuals and posts, video content represents a critical aspect for your brand. By choosing to implement video marketing, your brand grows stronger, and it quickly sets an emotional connection to the website visitors.


Each step of the strategy comes with different video content. Provide a variety of videos! 

Choosing the right platform for your preferred audience is another crucial step, and even though there are some statistics regarding this aspect, you need to test and see which ones perform better. For example, a study on video from Forbes and Google shows that 75% of the C-level executives watch work-related videos weekly. Most importantly, B2B researchers do 12 searches on average before engaging on a specific brand’s site. This is why your job is to offer relevant information for all your audiences, no matter the moment of their buyer journey.

In-depth topic research is crucial before choosing which kind of video content to share on your company’s website or social media platforms. Additionally, one reason many people are doing an online search in the first place is that they need to solve a problem. By creating videos that show how to solve particular problems, you make sure you provide valuable content, which is helpful for your audiences.

Providing a variety of videos represents a crucial strategy for your B2B organization channel. This way, you make sure that you attract the audience you want in different stages: buying for the first time or keeping your customers engaged and dedicated to your brand. To do this, your strategy might include a variety of videos:

  • Tutorials. Work great for new audiences who are looking to buy a product of which they already know little). The content of these videos might include demos and explanations of how certain products work, or what benefits provide your service.

  • Promotional videos of upcoming events, which is the perfect method to combine more audiences (new and old). If your company also hosts events, this type of B2B video marketing is great for ensuring higher visibility, attracting new propsects on one side, and keeping your brand’s fans engaged on the other side.

  • Company culture videos. Work great for old clients, but are an excellent method to attract new employees. The content in these videos is unlimited in inspiration: showcasing the company’s offices, relaxing rooms, employee spotlights, but also how products are made or a brief presentation on how the teams work on a particular project. This is a great method that highlights how good video marketing for business works.


  • Expert interviews with employees or industry experts about recent developments or popular products and services.


  • Tips and “Did you know”  work for engaged customers. It is a great way to share short videos about the product, shortcuts, and tips on how to get more results.


Wrapping up

As a B2B brand, a video marketing strategy can support your business growth strategy, authentically reaching more audiences. By informing customers, prospects and employees about your company’s benefits, you are building trust and a strong online presence.

Optimizing your videos’ titles and descriptions might become a challenge, especially when you are just at the beginning of your video content strategy.

Get in touch with NNC Services MarTech specialists and we’ll help you build a video marketing strategy for your business growth. 


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