Social Media Gets the Game Going in the Entertainment Industry

22 May

Social Media Gets the Game Going in the Entertainment Industry

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The entertainment industry seems to be the best fit for driving business through social media marketing. The main reason for this is that they share the same goals: entertaining and connecting people.

The entertainment industry brought people together and formed communities based on shared interests long before the Internet and the online interaction platforms. What social media offers nowadays is the infinite possibilities of connecting with a larger number of people in real time. Customers are now able to give feedback, share their opinions, find people with similar tastes in any part of the world and access resources that would have not usually be available in their area. They can also keep in touch with the latest events and reinforce their passions about different forms of entertainment, by being part of communities that make them feel like they belong.

Focus on Building Communities

Remember the great buzz created when The Hunger Games movie was launched? The movie enjoyed great success at its release thanks to a well implemented and complex social media campaign that employed three of the most popular social media networks: Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. The campaign was designed to bring a little bit of the Hunger Games into our world. For instance, on Facebook only, 13 pages were created, one for each of the Districts the Hunger Games contestants were pulled from. Take a better look at how the whole campaign was handled: The Hunger Games’ Social Media Campaign.

Gaining Digital Influence & Celebrity Endorsement

What can be better than following your favorite artist on Twitter or befriend him on Facebook? Celebrities can now directly interact with their fans increasing this way the excitement towards an event, show or movie and keeping the community tight. Lady Gaga, for instance, is a great example on how to keep in touch with your fans by using social media. The guys from MAC successfully engaged her into their philanthropic VivaGlam MAC AIDS Fund campaign. Thanks to Lady Gaga’s involvement and posts that stirred interests for the Viva Glam Collection, the MAC AIDS Fund succeeded to raise in one edition the amount of money that was raised in total for the past 10 years. Check out some insights about MAC’s social media endorsement campaign: The Lady Gaga effect: Pop Star’s Social Media Savvy Helps the MAC AIDS Raise Millions of Bucks.

Spread the News!

The entertainment industry, as opposed to many others, is the one that can get the best results out of using social media platforms. If we take music for example, 70% of respondents of one MediaBistro survey have listened to music by an artist based primarily on what a friend posted on a social networking site. So don’t hesitate to promote new gigs on Facebook and Twitter! After reading all these it’s easy to see why the entertainment industry is the one that shouldn’t neglect under any circumstances having a social media marketing plan. When bringing people together is the aspect that your business is built upon, their online interaction can only make it grow.

Do you have any tips that worked best for you so far? We’d be glad to hear them!

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