German Market Entry Strategies for Southeast European Outsourcing Companies

16 Oct

German Market Entry Strategies for Southeast European Outsourcing Companies

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NNC Services and BWBB joined forces to help Romanian Outsourcing companies better understand how to enter the German business market using the Outsourcing Portal online B2B collaboration platform.

According to Till Hahndorf, BWBB Lead Auditor and one of the webinar's hosts, Germany has roughly 50,000 unstaffed IT positions. Even though there are some cultural challenges derived from the fact that German businesses are not inclined to outsource (more than 70% of them preferring to hire local service providers), filling those openings is mandatory to advance the German IT sector development. All webinar attendees came from the IT industry, indicating that Romanian businessmen activating in this field are not only curious about the opportunity but are also willing to seize it.

The webinar hosts also provided an overview of the German market, as well as possible market entry models. One of the fastest ways for Southeast European outsourcing companies to enter the German IT market is to get support from a German technology partner. The collaboration involves a clear roadmap to prove the quality of the services and other information regarding the feasibility of the outsourcing partner as a service supplier. BWBB supplies this guarantee to German companies in a certification process that is a proof for any German customer when it comes to a company’s ability to deliver on the agreed terms.

The solution is a mix of a market entry workshop and a quality audit to make sure that whoever applies for the certificate hits the quality and process milestones demanded by any German partnership. Following this process, Romanian outsourcing companies can get identified, validated and supported for the Germany market entry.

Curious to find out more? If you wish to find out more about this past webinar, get in touch with us here! To learn more about your German market entry options, contact us and we’ll provide additional info on our market entry strategy and planning service!

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