Top HubSpot Partner Agencies & the advantages of inbound marketing

23 May

Top HubSpot Partner Agencies & the advantages of inbound marketing

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What is HubSpot and its Agency Partner program?

HubSpot represents the main global promotor of Inbound Marketing, known for its efficient automation and measuring tools for marketing activities. The marketing platform is designed to maximize ROI when used in marketing and sales campaigns, by replacing manual costly and unstructured marketing and sales processes and actions with automated ones, performed in a programmatic predictable way while providing you with the dashboards and analytics to manage your campaigns performance in real time and make sure you are clearly progressing towards your goals.

A study conducted by HubSpot concluded that inbound marketing strategies can generate 3 times more leads, while the costs can get 62% smaller than in the case of outbound marketing. This powerful automation platform can manage everything from email drip campaigns, SEO, Lead nurturing, workflows and prospecting, content development, email marketing, social media management, content development and the list goes on.

What are HubSpot Agency Partners?

A Hubspot Agency Partner is a marketing agency that is using the Hubspot tools for their own marketing activities and delivers services over HubSpot to its customers. These agencies also have to register on the Hubspot partner channel and pass the Hubspot Agency Certification.

You can check out the Hubspot agency partners here.

HubSpot Tiers - what it takes to get there

HubSpot created a program for the top-performing partners. It is called Partner Tier and it requires agencies a set of quality and performance standards to deliver inbound marketing services to customers. Agency Partners have to meet certain KPIs to qualify for one of the tiers namely Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond: acquired and managed MRR (monthly recurring revenue), retention and software engagement, usage of marketing tools and apps on the platform, and the number of clients lead and managed on the HubSpot platform.

For example, in order to become a Partner Agency such as NNC Services, the Hubspot Partner Agency must achieve a sold MRR of over $2,100 and a managed MRR of over $6,000 in order to qualify for Gold Tier, so that you know they can manage and drive a consistent budget for inbound marketing and sales.

Why should you work with a certified HubSpot Agency Partner?

In order for you to get the most ROI of your marketing campaigns and your marketing and sales software, you need trained personnel on each of the HubSpot tools as well as certain marketing processes and predictable lead nurturing and sales methodologies. You need to also understand that your marketing activities are not a factor of budget but of your marketing’s team skill and the proven workflows and frameworks they employ.

Cost-effectiveness of choosing a HubSpot Partner Agency

The decision to choose an Inbound Marketing agency that uses a software to deliver their services comes with the advantage of predictable growth. Using the HubSpot tools, agencies can develop a custom strategy made for each business, to attract and convert more customers, by offering them what they need. The list of services that a HubSpot Partner Agency can offer you is vast, but we can mention some of them here:

  • Automating all your marketing and sales activities
  • Building Templates (Website, Email, Social media)
  • Setups in the software
  • Sales management
  • Creating a strategic plan for accelerated growth
  • Running drip email marketing campaigns
  • Acquiring and engaging new business opportunities
  • Managing brand awareness and social media campaigns.

The costs of an in-house marketing department can get high if you want to implement a full strategy and all-year-long campaigns (considering salaries, training and software costs). A hired marketing agency comes with the experience of other campaigns managed in the industry, providing measurable results sooner. And it is there for as long as you want and need.

Another financial issue to consider is the onboarding fee for new customers on HubSpot, which is waved when you collaborate with a HubSpot Partner Agency, and go through the training and courses within the agency.

Top HubSpot Agency Partners

Understanding the advantages of inbound marketing and adopting this approach in the marketing campaigns got us certified in the leading inbound marketing tool, HubSpot. Our customers have seen results and recommended us and we are honored to have in our portfolio customers from EU and the US. This lead to the step of opening offices in the US and countries from Europe, in order to understand the needs of each market and provide our customers with quality services

The HubSpot Agency Program holds a community of inbound marketers who have acknowledged their certifications through hard work and dedication, a community in which we can learn from each other, where each inbound marketer focuses on a particular direction, has its own strength and mission.

Let's have a look at some HubSpot Partner Agencies and acknowledge their hard work, to which we have admiration both as competitors and colleagues.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a HubSpot Partner Agency could be the next move to make the switch in attracting your ideal audience by offering them the content they truly need. Inbound Marketing strategies have the advantage to offer both educational and inspirational content for your audience and a reliable agency knows exactly what to do in order to get the most of your collaboration. With a HubSpot Partner Agency, you can plan and track your growth path, and have the results talking for your efforts.

Are you considering implementing HubSpot in your company? Get in touch and we’ll make sure that you’ll get the best from it.

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