Best B2B Facebook Marketing Tips

25 Apr

Best B2B Facebook Marketing Tips

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Every B2B marketer knows it’s a must to include Facebook in their social media strategy but more than often they seem to struggle to get results from a business page. That’s because they often approach it as a personal profile, when, in fact, it should be approached as an extension of their company website and blog.

We’ve tried to gather here some of the key ways to use Facebook for B2B marketing.

1. Post news updates for your targeted audience

Good content is the key on almost every social platform, especially when it comes to B2B marketing. Try to keep your audience up to date with the latest trends in your industry. Offer them relevant and problem-solving content and try to engage them in order to become a valuable and trustful source of information for them.

2. Position yourself as a thought leader.

Facebook is a platform where people interact in a friendly manner, it focuses more on human connection. That’s why it’s important to put a face on your most valuable assets - people. Showcase your experts to build trust and position your company as a thought leader in its industry.

3. Publish Shareable Content

Always create engaging content and post photos and videos as often as you can. On Facebook, photos are the most shareable piece of content and can quickly make your message viral.

4. Humanize your Company

The social platforms have changed the web, making it a more casual, real and authentic place. Facebook it’s the perfect place for you to start building a human side of your company. Use a less conservative tone and try to lose the corporate image of your company in order to make your network grow.

5. Provide Customer Service

Facebook is a great platform when we’re talking about word of mouth referrals. Try to answer all the questions your “fans” are asking, offering them guidance and support and thus creating more selling opportunities.

6. Monitor your Facebook activity

Use “Insights” to monitor your Facebook activity, to see which posts were mor engaging, how many people your messages reached and other important data that you can use to optimize your Facebook strategy.

7. Encourage your audience to get involved

Try to diversify the content you postings. You can mix it up between news, questions, photos and videos. Questions are a great way to encourage your audience to comment and to get to know them better. You should always use open questions to get them involved and stay way of questions that only require a yes or no answer.

8. Don’t promote only your content

Don’t try to aggressively sell on Facebook, whether we’re talking about your content or services. It’s a good idea to occasionally share content from other people, as long as you consider it relevant for your audience. Your fans will appreciate the fact that you keep their best interest in mind.

How are you using your Facebook page for B2B marketing? Tell us all about it!

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