5 Reasons Why Companies Should Partner Up with Marketing Automation Specialists

20 Aug

5 Reasons Why Companies Should Partner Up with Marketing Automation Specialists

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More and more companies are going through a massive digital transformation, and their customers are involved in this process too. The overload of information that runs on channels and platforms determine businesses to acquire Marketing Automation tools in order to communicate more effectively, generate new leads and nurture them. Even if companies purchase Marketing Automation licenses, they usually remain unused and their marketing departments have poor or no results at all. Why? Because these tools offer many options and features and marketers have little time to spend in the process of deepening the marketing automation advantages and specifications.

The Solution Is to Partner Up with Marketing Automation Specialists

Integrate Marketing Automation platforms in your Marketing Plan and get a significant Return of Investment out of these tools. Choose a team of specialists to partner up with, and you will get better results from your marketing automation platforms. Here are 5 main reasons to hire a dedicated marketing automation team in order to nurture the existent relationship with your customers and bring new leads constantly.

1. More time for Management and Strategy

Focus your efforts and energy on analyzing the market and build your business strategy and competitive advantage. As a Manager or Marketer, you must have a constant overview on where your project is heading, you must assign time to connect with potential clients and participate in networking sessions as often as possible.

We don’t mention budgeting and the continuous process of improving your products and services. After the strategic approach, the implementation process follows and the marketing automation activities step in.

The Marketing Automation specialists will run effective Inbound and Outbound Marketing campaigns, including actions such as:

  • Campaign and Lead management
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Buyer Persona profile creation
  • Email Marketing workflow and automation
  • The Set Up process, optimization, and reporting

2. Correct Implementation

Every module of a Marketing Automation tool requires attention to details and knowledge in order to provide the best results. The implementation journey means setting up the users and giving access to blogging features and email campaigns. Also, new content must be created and uploaded: email messages, landing pages, white papers, eBooks, calls-to-action.

The process includes also:

  • Social Marketing -  creating and posting social media messages on your profile
  • Lead Management and Nurturing - customization of the lead process according to your business profile and needs
  • Tracking campaigns - differentiating visitors from prospects and campaign optimization for better results.

To have a correct implementation of the tasks above, the recommendation is to approach a company who offers marketing automation services. They are able to manage in a professional manner the workflow and to create benefits and new opportunities for your business, from all the features your new tool has to offer.

3. Integration with CRM tools

Marketing automation specialists will integrate your platform with your CRM system. That means a better connection and communication between the marketing and sales departments. Integration will bring the advantage of having a better centralization of your data.

Also gives you a better understanding of your customers’ behavior, their web browsing habits and where you must put more effort into the overall marketing plan.

In case you need to find out the benefits of implementing a CRM, you should know that investing in a CRM is a top priority for 2018, as the industry is growing very fast and more than 50% of businesses are already running a pilot program.

4. Consultancy and technical support

The implementation of a Marketing Automation tool requires tech knowledge and sometimes troubleshooting. As a marketer probably you don’t have all the know-how to solve the IT issues, so you would better call for a marketing automation specialist.

The specialists will establish when it is the right time to implement a new feature depending on the traffic on your website. Investments in SEO, blogging and content marketing could be the first steps before implementing an MA tool.  

Software installation and integration with other platforms could be another challenge. Focus on generating profits and let all the tech issues be handled by a specialist.

5. Visible Results

Marketing Automation specialists will evaluate the tool’s performance and suggest optimization measures. They will take into consideration the overall engagement results, the campaign’s ROI, web analytics and lead scores. Then, they will analyze the best keywords, social media integration, conversions, customer retention and financial results, all put together in a report. At the end of a campaign, you will compare the results with your initial objectives and together with your dedicated marketing automation team, you will set the purpose of your next campaign.

Final Thoughts

Mastering the methodology of Marketing Automation tools and campaigns takes years of experience in the field. Hiring dedicated specialists is more cost and time-effective than trying to figure this out with your sales or marketing department. Have you heard about our expertise?

10+ years of passion for marketing automation and supporting technology, trained consultants and demonstrated ROI for our customers. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details about marketing automation tools and implementation!


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