5 Effective Blogging Tips for Tech Companies

28 Sep

5 Effective Blogging Tips for Tech Companies

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Blogging seems to be one of the easiest and fastest ways to draw attention to your company and most likely to your services. However, learn that blogging requires more than just some data scattered in a text. To establish yourself as an authority, redacting a good article takes a particular combination of audacity, persistence and writing skills. Besides, when blogging for a tech business, you’ll often have to break down material that can sometimes become too complex and relay the information to individuals who might not be so tech-aware in a way they can understand it.

Are you curious to find out what best practices are we using? Here are a few points starts for all the tech newbies out there:

Define Your Purpose

There are some questions you need to ask yourself such as before you start writing such as: what makes your content stand out in front of other posts out there solving similar problems and what benefits will your readers gain after finishing reading your blog post?

For example, our purpose for writing this article is to help tech companies promote their expertise, services, and apps through useful blog posts.

Set Up an Editorial Calendar

Once you have defined your purpose, you’ll see that finding innovative and relevant topics for your blog won’t be such a difficult mission anymore. Although, besides amazing themes and valuable content, if you’re willing to establish yourself as an authority in the tech field you have to maintain a regularity between posts. In this case, setting up an editorial calendar ahead for the next month not only saves you lots of unnecessary stress when it comes to fresh content ideas, but it will get your followers accustomed to a particular program.

Build a Blog Post Structure

Before you start writing a blog post, it’s essential to follow a conventional plan that will help you organize your thoughts better. According to Since most of the readers begin by looking for relevant information, so having a well-defined structure will fasten the information scanning process. Here’s how we like to plan our blog posts:

  • The introduction lets your readers know what’s to come and frames the entire article. If you feel uninspired, you can write the intro after you’ve written the body copy.
  • Use subtitles! Divide your information in a few logical big ideas (depending on the depth of your topic subject) and then elaborate them as much as you want to.
  • Incorporate relevant images, graphs, infographics or any other kind of visual detail. Even though you’re writing a technical blog post, it doesn’t mean you can’t break the text with some informative or entertaining media elements.
  • End with a conclusion that summarizes all the information you’ve written. Also, we recommend to add a call to action or to gently redirect your reader to a similar blog post of yours.  

Explain Technical Matters

As we mentioned before, although you might think you’re writing for an ideal audience, sometimes you will have to simplify the professional jargon for those that are less tech-aware. If you’re using blog posts to promote your services, apps or whatever you have to offer, have in mind that not all tech operators are as high-level as you’re expecting them to be. And while you’re presentation might be entirely on point, but it might not be something that convinces your potential customers to buy your app or to call for your services.

Keeping Up to Date

As a tech writer, keeping up to date is mandatory! Reading the work of other inspirational tech writers could serve very well as a source of inspiration, but also as a writing guideline for newbies. Furthermore, depending on the niche, tech bloggers should stay updated with trends and have access to all the latest gadgets, tools, apps, latest operating versions and so on. Here are some of the publications we love to read as a daily inspiration: TechCrunch, Mashable, the Next Web or the Guardian Technology.

Final thoughts

Writing for a tech company isn’t so different from the other types of businesses, but it does require a specific qualification which can be achieved through reading… a lot and also by experimenting. Each time when you write a blog post, ask yourself if there’s anything you could do better and if the answer is yes, analyze your content and try to improve it. In the end, make sure that the information you provide is useful and authentic. Also, don’t miss to throw in your insights too because they will differentiate your articles from the others and also add personality to your writing style.

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